Print Audit MPS Readiness Report Makes Just In Time Toner Fulfillment Easier

Calgary, Alberta – November 19, 2014 – Print Audit, the company that helps office equipment dealers grow their businesses, announced today that it has created an MPS Readiness Report exclusively for Print Audit Premier members.  The report will help alleviate one of the biggest challenges MPS providers face today:  implementing an effective auto toner fulfillment program, also known as Just In Time (JIT).

Saving customers the hassle of manually ordering toner every time a machine runs out is one of the key components of a Managed Print Services program. Unfortunately living up to this part of an MPS agreement can be a much more difficult task than office equipment dealers and MPS providers realize.  The challenge arises from variations in how different models of printers report their toner levels.

Print Audit has made the process of Just In Time toner delivery much easier with its new MPS Readiness Report.  This ground-breaking rating system ranks individual printer models based on how easily they can be incorporated into an auto toner fulfilment program.

“Print Audit’s MPS Readiness score is an objective rating of a printer model’s suitability for automated supplies management.  It focuses on the reporting of supplies information through the Printer MIB, and reflects the cumulative value of the information available,” explains Rob Thiessen, Vice President of Sales for Print Audit. “This is accomplished through a five point rating system which measures the frequency, consistency and detail provided regarding supplies levels on over 2,400 networked printer models.”

The new report is available exclusively to Print Audit Premier members.  It enables office equipment dealers and MPS providers to easily assess the MPS Readiness of their customer’s devices before deciding which models they will or will not support as part of their auto toner fulfillment program.

To learn more about the MPS Readiness Report and how to access it, please visit Print Audit’s blog using the following link:

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