Next-Generation Cloud Printing Brings Driverless Printing to ThinPrint’s ezeep Platform

BERLIN/DENVER, May 27, 2020 – ThinPrint’s ezeep for Azure, the company’s platform for cloud printing developed specifically for Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop, has made a quantum leap as the first cloud printing solution to enable print rendering to take place entirely in the cloud. This allows the new ezeep Hub to be used in branches and remote offices as a plug-and-play device for immediate network printer availability.  Designed with administrators in mind, the cloud-based print rendering eliminates the time-consuming management of printer drivers, while the new ezeep Hub replaces costly and maintenance-intensive print servers.

Until now, cloud printing solutions have only connected printers with users, leaving the print rendering to take place either on the user’s device or on a company’s server. As a result, IT administrators had to deal with printer drivers, their availability and compatibility for modern ways of working as well as ensuring relevant resources are provided and maintained on-site.

ThinPrint’s ezeep is the first platform to enable print job rendering completely in the cloud, thus freeing IT departments from printer driver management. At most, other providers, such as Google Cloud Print, can only convert a print job into a PDF. With ezeep’s new cloud rendering, almost all existing and new printer models can now be addressed with their individual characteristics. Furthermore, when the new, fully maintenance-free ezeep Hubs are deployed to branch offices, costly and maintenance-intensive print servers can be replaced entirely.

The ezeep Hub can be put into operation by on-site employees without any specialist IT knowledge necessary. It automatically connects branch office printers to the company’s ezeep organization within minutes. IT administrators manage access to the printers via a web portal. Authorized users can print via ezeep without any further effort. All print data is compressed, and TLS encrypted, and transferred efficiently and securely to the ezeep Hub without the use of expensive VPN connections.

“The ezeep Hub builds a secure bridge between the ezeep cloud and a company’s print infrastructure,” said Christoph Hammer, Senior Vice President Cloud Services at ThinPrint. “Without any IT expertise, the ezeep Hub can be connected at branch offices. Users can then immediately and easily print, without having to worry about managing printer drivers. Expensive print servers, which can also be a target for hackers, can be finally eliminated.”

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