Konica Minolta Launches Dispatcher Phoenix Developer Support Program and Software Developer Kit

Ramsey, NJ — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), is pleased to announce its Solutions Engineering Center (SEC) has launched the Dispatcher Phoenix Developer Support Program (DSP), a comprehensive program to provide developers with access and tools to develop new applications that integrate with the company’s popular workflow automation solution.

The new DSP includes access to the Dispatcher Phoenix Software Development Kit (SDK), making it easier to expand Dispatcher Phoenix’s workflow capabilities by developing and integrating new features to meet a customer’s specific business requirements. Now, internal third-party development groups and Konica Minolta customers with the IT resources can create custom workflow functionality to add complementary features and functions to the Dispatcher Phoenix solution.

“With continued growth in the global market, no one entity can provide integration and features that meet the needs of customers in every market around the world. The DSP will allow program members to take full advantage of the features and functions of the platform, and tailor them to their needs,” said Manuel Couceiro, Vice President, Solutions Engineering Center, Konica Minolta. “By opening up the DSP program, our customers, clients and Konica Minolta professionals can leverage the Dispatcher Phoenix platform to extend the solutions capabilities to meet their individual customers and market needs.”

The program allows developers to create applications in any programming language for integration with Dispatcher Phoenix. This means any third-party developer can create an external application in any language with no dependency on Dispatcher Phoenix; it only has to connect to the functionality that Konica Minolta has developed for its workflow automation solution. The new SDK provides a connector without having to justify additional development costs to integrate any new capture, processing and distribution capabilities into Konica Minolta’s intellectual property, adding more functionality and flexibility to meet customized or niche workflow challenges.

“With the new, easy to use SDK, anyone developing for the Dispatcher Phoenix platform can focus their efforts on the integration of their product without making a large investment in learning the technical details of Dispatcher Phoenix,” continued Couceiro. “While Dispatcher Phoenix continues to rapidly expand its feature set, opening up the SDK for others will further expand the offerings with our partners using the SDK in every local market, growing the quantity of connectors and capabilities to customers and clients.”

Konica Minolta’s DSP presents an ideal solution to help developers easily integrate highly customized scanning, capture and routing capabilities and streamline go-to-market efforts. Multiple membership levels will be available. For more information about membership options and fees, visit the DSP website.