Keypoint Intelligence Releases its US Paper Forecast 2021-2027: Navigating Through Digital Transformation and Hybrid Work Trends

Fairfield NJ – Keypoint Intelligence, the global data and market intelligence leader for the digital imaging industry, announced the availability of an executive summary for the 2021-2027 US Paper Forecast. This report sheds light on the evolving landscape of the US paper industry, marked by a pivotal transformation due to the advent of digitalization and the burgeoning trend toward hybrid work models. This executive summary examines the complexities of current and future paper usage trends in both office and home settings, offering a balanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

“As we navigate through the market shifts brought about by digital transformation and the adoption of hybrid work models, the paper industry stands at a crossroads,” commented Peter Mayhew, Keypoint Intelligence, Principal Analyst for Office Supplies. “Our latest US Paper Forecast reveals a landscape punctuated by both challenges and opportunities. While we observe a decline in traditional paper demand, new horizons in home environments and innovative sectors are emerging. This period of transition demands strategic foresight and adaptability from stakeholders.”

“Through Keypoint Intelligence’s advisory service of targeted research, ongoing market information, and timely and informative actionable insights, there is a clear path forward for the industry to not just survive but thrive in this new era, emphasized Deborah Hawkins, Keypoint Intelligence’s Group Director, and Principal Analyst for the Workplace Service. The insights gleaned from our report are designed to equip business leaders, policymakers, and investors with the knowledge to make informed decisions that will shape the future of the paper industry.”

The US Paper Forecast 2021-2027 is an essential tool for business leaders, investors, and policymakers. It encapsulates a wealth of insights destined to guide strategic decision-making in an era of rapid transformation. This report is available for individual purchase or as part of a subscription to Keypoint Intelligence’s Workplace CompleteView advisory service, offering unparalleled insights into the industry’s future.