Greg Walters, Inc. Reveals first Influencer in the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

Oconomowoc, Wi. June 2022 – Greg Walters, Inc. announces Tigerpaw as Leading Influencer in the Infrastructure Influence designation of the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem (DOTPE).

“There are currently three Influencers of Merit within the realm of non-customer facing software solutions designed to make it easier for resellers to do business, “said Greg Walters, “After a rigorous twenty data point evaluation, we recognize Tigerpaw as “Leading Influencer” in the Infrastructure Influence. Influencers of Merit include, ECi, and Forza.”

The DOTPE diagrams and ranks organizations within and outside the industry that represent the best customer centric philosophy, highest dealer engagement, and most innovation. The resulting guideline helps dealers identify the best ecosystem players when building or enhancing existing go to market programs.

“At Tigerpaw, we’re always grateful to be acknowledged for our efforts to help companies run a better business and sleep better at night.” James Foxall, President & CEO, Tigerpaw Software.

Ultimate customers will use the DOTPE to vet and connect with top notch resellers supported by and part of a superior Partnership Ecosystem.

The DOTPE identifies twelve industry Influences that shape the customer experience:


E Commerce

IT Services
Sales Acquisition
Media, Analyst, Associations
Over the Horizon

Within each influence, one or multiple Influencers vie for relevancy and participation in the sales journey.

This change in perspective is mandated by the current business environment, in which the customer journey is no longer transactional, but never-ending. A dedicated team of niche providers working toward a common goal, with clear and transparent roles, will collaborate and provide a collective and increased value to customers.

The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem model is available now at and the evaluation results will be presented throughout the summer.

For more information or to be considered as an Influencer contact Visit for more information about Tigerpaw.

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