CyberSynth Security Joins The Consortium

Scottsdale, AZ,  April 2, 2024 — Stramaglio Consulting today announced that CyberSynth Security, a service-disabled veteran-owned business certified through the Texas Veterans Commission, has joined The Consortium, a think tank of imaging industry leaders focused on helping the channel grow and thrive.

CyberSynth Security specializes in professional Security Automation services, tailored to meet your company’s unique needs. Whether you’re just starting to understand your security landscape or looking to automate your mature security program, we’ve got you covered. Our innovative approach extends beyond the workplace, offering tools for employees to safeguard their homes as part of our Cyber Wellness Program Development. Let CyberSynth Security be your partner in creating a resilient and secure environment.

As a new member of The Consortium, CyberSynth Security is eager to collaborate and share our expertise in cybersecurity automation and Cyber Wellness Program Development. We focus on safeguarding both operational security and employee well-being, aligning with the objectives of technology-driven companies. Our offerings extend beyond business protection, creating a bridge to also safeguard employees. This holistic approach not only secures your business but also fosters a resilient and supportive environment for your workforce.

Jack Britton, CEO of CyberSynth Security, shared, “Joining The Consortium’s array of High-Tech leaders is exciting. We’re eager to contribute our cybersecurity expertise. Our mission is to guide companies in enhancing their cybersecurity programs for robust automation and comprehensive defense, including employee protection. We’re committed to helping businesses achieve this, regardless of their starting point.”

The Consortium is assembled by Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting, in order to establish an open collaborative platform that enables the imaging channel to embrace and lead Digital Transformation (DX). 

 “We are thrilled to welcome Jack and CyberSynth to The Consortium. Their expertise in cybersecurity automation and commitment to employee well-being are vital assets in our collective journey toward innovation and resilience in the digital age,” stated Mike Stramaglio. “As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of DX, CyberSynth’s unique approach not only complements our mission but also strengthens our ability to safeguard and empower the imaging industry.”  

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