Brother International & TrueSign Form a Strategic Partnership

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – July 30, 2021 – It’s with “true joy” that the TrueSign team announces a new collaboration with Brother International Corporation for exclusive scan-to-sign functionality, allowing existing Brother customers to scan hard-copy documents directly into TrueSign for seamless electronic sign and share. Guided by both companies’ shared vision for customer success in today’s increasingly remote work environment, this new strategic partnership will meet businesses’ needs for secure, economical, and virtual business workflows.

“We’re thrilled to have a partner in TrueSign who matches Brother’s commitment to delivering superior customer value in the new era of flexible, remote work,” said Greg Shipmon, B2B Program Development, Brother International Corporation. “Bringing together Brother’s and TrueSign’s two best-in-class platforms will significantly uplevel document-management efficiency and security, and has given new life to the concept of scan-to-sign.”

Now available to Brother customers, the “scan-to-sign” capability reduces the commonly disjointed efforts to securely eSign and share documents. Utilizing Brother BSI equipped scanning devices, users simply scan hard-copy documents, which are directed into TrueSign’s highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. There, the document can be templated, eSigned and/or shared with internal or external parties. Not only does the seamless integration between Brother and TrueSign easily expand paperless workflows, it also achieves a higher standard for data security. The entirely digital process helps lessen the risk of losing paperwork or having sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. For added protection, an audit trail is available to provide the history of each document electronically signed with TrueSign.

“Adapting to this ‘new normal’ of virtual operations and remote work means rethinking how we accomplish everyday business routines, especially when collaborating on documents,” said Scott Bade, CEO, i3-ImageSoft. “This strategic partnership with Brother International underlines our shared commitment to excellence and customer success regardless of circumstance – bringing an element of certainty to business regardless of what’s happening in the world, our proximity to others, or even our own geographical location.”

Once a signing document has been uploaded into TrueSign, users capitalize on real-time mobile signing options, and can utilize their frequently used library of saved TrueSign Document templates. With options to sign via QR-Code, text-to-sign or email-to-sign, customers can use their smartphones to accomplish real-time signing needs during video conferences, virtual hearings or while on-the-go. This, coupled with TrueSign Templates, provides unparalleled eSigning convenience. TrueSign Templates allow frequently used eSigning documents, such as applications, NDAs, human resources paperwork, purchase authorizations, new policy notifications and more, to be saved and housed in a drop-down library. Users can then quickly access, modify, and electronically send the documents for electronic signature.

In step with Brother and TrueSign’s goal to provide a superior user experience is a completely straight-forward pricing model. After the free-trial, TrueSign provides its customers with cost-efficient pricing for personal, business, and enterprise needs.