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  • Webinar: Transform Your Business with MyQ: A Partnership for Customer Success and Profitability

    Are you seeking a partner who can not only help you address the print challenges of your customers with best-in-class print solutions but also supercharge the overall profitability of your business through software-driven sales?

    If so, then you don’t want to miss this exclusive webinar where we will explore how MyQ, a leading global print solution vendor, can empower you to work magic – solving your customers’ problems, making them truly happy, and boosting your profits in the process! 

  • Webinar: Wrapping Up 2023

    What happens when you put Frank Cannata, Andy Slawetsky, Amy Weiss and Patricia Ames together on a webinar to reflect on the most important developments of 2023?  🤷‍♀️  Let’s find out!

    Listen to our last Analyst Corner Live! webinar of the year.

  • Webinar: Key Things to Know About Ninestar, the UFLPA, and Ninestar v. U.S. Government

    Join BPO Media and Actionable Intelligence’s Charles Brewer for an up-to-the-minute discussion of the Ninestar case, including background on Ninestar, details on the UFLPA embargo, and details on the Ninestar v. US Government lawsuit. Q&A will follow the presentation.

  • Webinar: Diversifying Beyond Print Management

    Today, most of your customers have a copier/printer, but every customer has a phone and a need to communicate — especially now, in this new era of hybrid work. This is your opportunity to help your customers during this time of business transition. The time to capitalize is now.

    Hear from Keith Adams, Les Olson, and David Pierce, A&B Business, how they were able to build growing MRR businesses by embracing unified communications as a service (UCaaS). In addition, Patrick Sheehan, Vice President Channel Development at Intermedia, will discuss the benefits of Intermedia’s flexible Partner Program and how it eliminates the risk of entering this new booming market as your customers continue to transition to the cloud.

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  • Analyst Corner Live! Generational Tech-Off: Analyst Perspectives on Digital Transformation

    Join us as we bring together the four current workforce generations in an interactive discussion about digital transformation. In our generation tech-off, analysts will bring their unique generational perspectives to this conversation about digital transformation and its impact on the office technology industry.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a wealth of experience as we bridge the generation gap and forge a greater understanding of how digital transformation shapes the office technology landscape. Join Brian Bissett, The MFP Report (Boomer); Amy Weiss, BPO Media (Gen X); Lee Davis, Keypoint Intelligence (millennial); Matt Lohier, gap Intelligence (Gen Z); and moderator Patricia Ames, BPO Media (Generation Jones). Log in to view.

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  • How to Protect MPS Profitability in a Changing Economy

    Between the massive changes in the managed print industry and the global economy worsening into a potential recession, it’s more important than ever for MPS dealers to eliminate costly inefficiencies in their businesses. Now’s the time to evaluate your organization for potential cost savings, find ways to enhance productivity, and create some protection in the event you need to downsize or have employees leave. Tigerpaw CEO James Foxall and Bendix imaging, inc. President Jeff Bendix join BPO Media to discuss how true profitability measures and the tools to improve them can change your business outcomes — even in uncertain times.

    View the recording.

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  • Keeping Up With the Threat Landscape
    Commoditized hacking toolkits like EvilProxy and various Ransomware-as-a-Service “products” have significantly lowered the barrier of entry for sophisticated cyber attacks. These days, as long as a cyber adversary can craft a believable phish or acquire a stolen credential off the underground, they can outsource the heavy lifting to professionals. The increased ease in launching attacks means anyone is a fair target, regardless of size. To defend against these threats though, you must first understand the adversarial tools, tactics, and procedures. In this talk, we’ll cover the latest trends from the threat landscape including the top cyber threats attackers are deploying today. Join WatchGuard’s Marc Laliberte.

    Watch the recording here.

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  • The Managed IT Opportunity: Cybersecurity, Project Work, Benchmarks and More
    Josh Peterson, CEO of IT consulting firm Bering McKinley (BMK) shares industry benchmarks and best practices for office solution providers wanting to scale managed IT services profitably. He’s joined by VP & Managing Director, Sales, Mitch Leahy, GreatAmerica Financial, for an engaging discussion to help you win at IT in 2023.

    Join this webinar and learn:
    • Keys to scaling managed IT services leveraging cybersecurity offerings
    • Why project work should be considered as a meaningful role in your revenue pipeline
    • How to use financing to increase margins and maximize recurring revenue opportunities
    • Top stats in the BMK Model for IT benchmarking, 100s of traditional MSPs use the BMK Financial Target Model. It is a simple, clean and easily adaptable model that focuses on overall Gross Profit Margin target of 42%.
    Watch the recording Passcode: Z&f!U1m%

  • Diversifying Beyond Print Management

    Join us to see how you can grow your business with unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and diversify your product portfolio beyond print management. Hear from Robert Handel, Senior Vice President of Cloud Strategy at LDI and Kirk Studebaker, President at Coordinated Business Systems, about how they were able to build a growing monthly recurring revenue business by embracing UCaaS. In addition, Patrick Sheehan, Vice President Channel Development at Intermedia, will discuss the benefits of Intermedia’s flexible Partner Program and how it eliminates the risk in entering this new booming market as your customers continue to transition to the cloud.

    Today, most of your customers have a copier/printer, but especially now, in this new era of hybrid work, every customer has a phone and a need to communicate. This is your opportunity to help your customers during this time of business transition. The time to capitalize is now!

    View recording.

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  • Analyst Corner Live 2: Print Strikes Back
    A return to the office is happening, whether in a hybrid or complete pre-pandemic form, and that means the return of office print. Yet the landscape remains remarkably different and OEMs, dealers and consumers alike are faced with challenges including inflation, inventory, and supply chain. What are the expectations for the office imaging industry, and how will the next few months play out? Join BPO Media’s Patricia Ames, gap intelligence’s Valerie Alde-Hayman and Lisa Brown, and LEAF Commercial Capital’s Nick Capparelli. View recording. Series sponsored by: katun-logo                   Leaf Logo
  • Understanding the Cyberthreat Landscape
    In the last year we’ve seen cyber threat actors set their sights on MSPs, knowing a single hack can open the door to countless victim networks. In this webinar, WatchGuard Security Operations Manager Marc Laliberte will discuss the latest tools, tactics and procedures adversaries are using against service providers and the defenses you can leverage to protect both you and your customers. View the recording. Sponsored by watchguard-logo  
  • Analyst Corner Live! A Look at Declining Print Trends and OEM Earnings

    Join BPO Media’s senior analyst, John McIntyre and Actionable Intelligence’s Charlie Brewer for a look at the latest OEM financials and what the future may hold for the print and supplies business in an increasingly digital future.

    Watch the recording.

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  • M&A: How to Look Your Best for a Potential Suitor
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s why you need to always put your best face forward whether you’re going on a date, preparing for a job interview – or positioning your company for an acquisition. ​Find out how to make your company look its best during this webinar when Rick Taylor and Doug Albregts outline attributes they look for in acquisition opportunities and: ​ • Provide insight into the decision-making process • Answer questions of “who, what and why?” • Aid people preparing to sell their company by highlighting what buyers are looking for Watch recording
  • A New Year to Uncover New Sales Opportunities
    Today’s buyers have significantly changed, where new millennials are now making business decisions based on how they prefer to conduct business. Statistics have shown that technology buyers will do 80% of their research online before speaking to a sales rep, so having a website that demonstrates thought leadership and detailed product information that can help them make decisions on their own are what all buyers are looking for today. Join Anthony Sci and Randy Dazo of Keypoint Intelligence for this session that will address the new buyer behaviors and demonstrate Keypoint Intelligence’s UVERCE, which is not only an eCommerce platform built specifically for the office equipment dealer market but also a powerful sales enablement platform that can accelerate and complement your sales process. View recording