TWAIN Working Group Partners with AIIM International 

Raleigh, NC – June 18, 2024 – The TWAIN Working Group (TWG), a not-for-profit organization providing and fostering a universal public standard for image acquisition devices, announced today that it has joined the AIIM International Leadership Council, and welcomes AIIM as a TWG Liaison Partner. This alliance will empower both organizations to optimize their information management strategies through collaboration, research, and the sharing of best practices with one another for the benefit of the Information Management community. 

The AIIM International Leadership Council encourages the development and adoption of cutting-edge information management technologies and practices, while providing a platform for industry leaders to share insights, challenges and solutions. The Council conducts and disseminates research on emerging trends, and advocates for industry standards and policies. AIIM offers a multitude of resources and networking opportunities to support education and career development. 

With a long, and successful, history for providing valuable education to Information Management professionals, the AIIM community acts as a trusted advisor for organizations that must deal with many business and technical issues. This new AIIM/TWAIN alliance aligns perfectly in that TWG also fully embraces openness and industry standards supporting several open-source projects including TWAIN Classic, TWAIN Direct and PDF/R. In this new era of Artificial Intelligence and the high interest in organizations creating Large Language Models (LLMs), TWAIN technologies allow for feeding large volumes of clean data, in real-time, from TWAIN data sources whether these are document scanners. mobile phone cameras or even existing file directories. Now, Information Management professionals have a one-stop shop to not only get critically important education and awareness from AIIM, but also learning augmented with TWAIN technologies. 

“The relationship with TWAIN Working Group makes a great pairing as we have mutual missions in the sense of driving innovation, advancing knowledge and influencing standards,” stated Tori Miller-Liu, President and CEO of AIIM International. “AIIM looks forward to reaching the TWAIN community through 

partnering activities to be certain TWAIN users and influencers leverage our valuable Intelligent Information educational programs and events.” 

“We are honored to become part of the AIIM Leadership Council. The Council’s ideas and activities influence the direction of the Information Management Industry”, said Joseph Odore, TWAIN Working Group Board Chairperson. The TWAIN Working Group is confident we can contribute to the betterment of the industry as is our mission through our active participation. We look forward to furthering one another’s messages through joint marketing activities such as podcasts, articles, and active participations in the Data Information Leadership Symposiums.”