Top Five Reasons Why Companies are Switching to Managed IT Services Providers

Ben Bohman webby Ben Bohman

There are several reasons why companies today are switching to managed IT services providers. Following are just a few.

Cost Savings

Hiring a full-time IT person is expensive. The average salary of an IT manager in Las Vegas can reach around $82,000 in addition to insurance, legal fees, and training. Hiring a managed services provider helps to stabilize your IT budget with a fixed monthly cost. Many businesses find that hiring a managed service provider costs their business 30 to 70 percent less than an in-house IT team member.           

Increased Efficiency

Managed services companies have a larger IT staff with experts in several areas who are able to collaborate and look at your technology from a variety of different perspectives.   By doing this they are able to make recommendations that will increase your company’s IT efficiencies.


Often the task of help desk and IT duties fall on the owner or office manager. By outsourcing your IT burden, you are able to spend time on what’s important to you as an owner — more productivity and streamlined business processes without the worry about daily IT issues.

Up-To-Date Technology

The technological landscape is fast-paced and ever-changing. It is hard to keep up with the new trends in security and compliance. Having a company manage your IT will allow an extensive staff to make sure your security, disaster recovery and licensing are all properly managed, preventing your company from experiencing costly downtime or embarrassing breaches of both your company and customer information.

Quicker Response to Issues

Having a company manage your IT means you should have 24×7 support. Managed services providers are able to quickly and remotely connect into your systems, responding to issues immediately and preventing down time and lost productivity.

Ben Bohman is a business development manager with Ray Morgan Company.

is a business development manager with Ray Morgan Company.