ThinPrint Delivers High-Availability Printing from ERP, EMR and CRM Systems  

Berlin/Denver, December 11, 2023 – ThinPrint, a leading provider of print management solutions, has launched a new solution for high-availability printing. The new ThinPrint LPD Service ensures high-availability printing, including load balancing from ERP, EMR, and CRM systems. ThinPrint thus provides an important tool for preventing business-critical outages.

Many companies and institutions print from ERP, CRM, or EMR systems such as SAP, Oracle, McKesson, Cerner, or Epic. If the printing infrastructure fails, it can have a business-critical impact on operations. Patients cannot be adequately cared for, product processes come to a standstill, and supply chains are interrupted. The systems run on a wide variety of platforms, such as Unix, Linux or Windows, making printing a complex process. High availability in this scenario requires fixed IP addresses and fixed printer names. While the Windows LPD (Line Printer Daemon) can help to a limited extent, it is also a single point of failure. If it fails, there is no replacement.

A solution is available with the ThinPrint LPD Service, which was developed specifically for these scenarios. ThinPrint’s own feature-enhanced LPD service bridges the ERP/EMR solutions and the printers, as ThinPrint combines its proven high-availability technology with a network load balancer (NLB). The network load balancer is used by the backend system instead of the physical node (print server) to address the printer queues, and ThinPrint’s own LPD service then takes on these print jobs. The server, spooler, and all dependent services are continuously monitored for their operability. If an error occurs, print jobs are processed by another functioning service. The ThinPrint Client can also be designed for high availability to avoid a single point of failure.

“For companies that use ERP, EMR or CRM systems, fail-safe printing systems are vital. We are therefore even more pleased that we can now offer these customers a highly available, elegant and powerful solution with the ThinPrint LPD Service,” says Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ThinPrint GmbH. “The ThinPrint LPD Service was a missing piece of the enterprise printing puzzle and is a feature-rich addition to our ThinPrint universe.”