Think You Are Doing Predictive Analytics? Guess Again – Continuing the Predictive Analytics Discussion for the Imaging Industry

Photizo Group continues its launch of predictive analytics applications for the imaging industry with a new webinar series, “Uncovering Predictive Analytics”. Predictive analytics delivers the opportunity to fully leverage data – gathered from office imaging devices, commercial printers and presses, and imaging monitoring software – to drive unparalleled efficiency and profitability.

The new webinar series kicks off November 5th, 9:00 PM EST, and November 6th, 1:00 PM EST. Opening with “Think You Are Doing Predictive Analytics? Guess Again.”, Photizo addresses the widespread misconception that imaging organizations are already utilizing predictive analytics.

Many organizations in the imaging industry are collecting data from managed devices and analyzing it to identify trends. However, this traditional analysis, based entirely from historical trend data and ignoring contextual data – such as environment humidity levels, user behavior metrics and other indirectly related data points – leaves a lot of value on the table. Organizations are operating on a reactive model to events that have already happened, and utilizing traditional analytic methods, such as linear regression, to proactively minimize future failure rates. While this is an improvement, it lacks the ability to predict failures or events with the accuracy of a predictive analytics model.

True predictive analytics allows organizations to analyze data from multiple sources contextually, and combines a multitude of analysis techniques and tools to provide accurate predictive insight. In other words, predictive data insights let you pinpoint when your machine will break, or run out of toner, allowing you to proactively plan for device failure.

Predictive analytics is currently delivering unforeseen value in adjacent industries, including traditional manufacturing, jet propulsion, and automotive. In these industries, organizations are experiencing major benefits, such as:

·         25 percent reduction in maintenance costs

·         75 percent reduction in equipment breakdowns

·         45 percent reduction in equipment downtime

·         25 percent increase in production output

These pre-demonstrated benefits proves the value of predictive analytics and provides insight into the opportunity for the imaging industry.

Join us to learn more about how you can access the power of your data.

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