Terra Energy Services Welcomes LED Indy to Authorized Reseller Network

BENTON, Ark. — Terra Energy Services, a division of Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), is excited to announce the addition of LED Indy as an authorized reseller of its electric vehicle (EV) products.

Terra Energy Services offers a path to capitalize on the accelerated demand for electric vehicles and the need for a sustainable infrastructure to support that growth. This partnership provides LED Indy with an opportunity to serve its customers with solutions for the electric vehicle revolution by offering EV charging products, including chargers, software, analytics, support, and financing options.

“Growth is always something to celebrate at Terra Energy Services, but it’s particularly exciting when it’s the addition of a proven industry leader like LED Indy,” said Josh Lane, President and CEO of ACDI. “Their expertise in energy efficiency and professional electrical work speaks for itself with an extensive portfolio and extremely high satisfaction rate among customers. It’s a proud moment to announce this partnership, and we look forward to providing solutions for the next generation of infrastructure.”

LED Indy is a commercial lighting company with demonstrated experience in energy efficiency projects, implementing LED solutions and lighting controls for both existing properties and new construction projects. Since 2016, it has served customers by lowering electrical usage and eliminating lighting maintenance, producing a rapid return on investment.

“While this partnership with Terra is incredibly meaningful for LED Indy, we believe the biggest benefit will be to our customers,” said John Melind, CEO of LED Indy. “Considering the quality of product, ease of use, back end visibility, and the dedicated ongoing support that they will receive, we feel like we’re creating the best possible outcome for them. Our service to customers lasts far beyond the installation of new charging stations, and Terra is well equipped to help us deliver top tier ongoing support.”

Backed by a growing network of authorized resellers, Terra Energy Services is committed to making EV charging effortless for commercial, fleet, and residential environments through a combination of hardware, software, and maintenance offerings.

“LED Indy shares our enthusiasm for paving the way for electric vehicles, and this partnership is another step toward our goal of creating a North American network of charging stations,” said Mark Hart, Vice President of Business Development at ACDI. “With a commitment to supply EV charging stations, professional services, and software support, Terra Energy Services is excited to navigate the future of electric vehicles together.”

Electric vehicle adoption continues to rise as drivers everywhere prioritize sustainable transportation options. Through this partnership, Terra Energy Services and LED Indy are committed to making electrification accessible to everyone.

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