Sports Are Just One Facet of Ray Morgan’s Community Culture 

The Ray Morgan Company defines what it means to be a true community-oriented office technology solutions provider. With more than 20 sales branches throughout California and Nevada, RMC has grown to more than $120 million in annual sales by providing printers, copiers, managed IT solutions and other document management solutions both nationally and internationally.

Not surprisingly, the company has made extensive investments and commitments to a variety of sports teams, leagues and organizations in the communities it services.

“(We) have developed a long-term relationship with many of the teams we sponsor,” said Cameron Stacy, RMC’s special projects coordinator. “Not only are we a sponsor for these teams, but we also supply most of them with their document technology solutions. Elevating that relationship to another level is important to us.”

Headquartered in Chico, Calif., RMC’s sports sponsorship portfolio includes local professional franchises including MLB’s Oakland Athletics, the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

The company has a long-standing sponsorship relationship with a variety of professional golf tournaments, including the Misty Holt Singh Memorial golf tournament held annually in Stockton, Calif.

It’s also a prominent sponsor of a variety of minor league sports teams and leagues including the Las Vegas Lights (minor league soccer), the Reno Aces (minor league baseball), Reno 1868 (USL soccer), Wasting Arrows (archery), and the University of Nevada-Reno athletic department.

“These teams share the same values that we have such as providing an excellent experience and being the best at we do and teamwork,” Stacy said.

The Ray Morgan Company’s philanthropic and financial support of local and regional sports teams also extends to the broader community as a whole. With its corporate headquarters located in Butte County, California, the epicenter of the devastating and deadly Camp Fire that ravaged Northern California last fall, the company, its employees and its customers were directly and dramatically impacted by the unprecedented damage inflicted by the wildfires.

More than 153,000 acres were destroyed during the month-long fire, incinerating more than 14,000 homes and killing at least 86 people. The devastation was immense and unsparing. The Camp Fire displaced a total of 17 Ray Morgan Company employees and their families.

RMC established a website and community fund along with other local and regional businesses and community organizations to raise funds to help those impacted by Camp Fire inferno. These efforts helped the company exceed its GoFundMe goal of raising more than $300,000 to help employees and their families rebuild their lives.

This humanitarian and philanthropic spirit is reflected in the way RMC goes about building relationships with local sports teams, fans and business sponsors looking to give back to their community.

Stacy said that each RMC branch general manager is actively encouraged to seek out sponsorship opportunities within their local community. Once a suitable sponsorship partner is identified – one that company officials believe is beneficial to both RMC and the greater community at large – the executive team then approves the deal and sets the course for what level of sponsorship and participation makes the most sense.

“The ROI isn’t measured in dollar signs, but rather the longstanding relationships we build with our clients and team,” Stacy added. “It is a chance to get to know our customers on a more personal level.”

It’s these type of “soft” benefits, particularly for companies that are large enough to participate in a meaningful fashion but aren’t among the world’s largest household brand names. Global sports sponsorship spending is a $65 billion-a-year business but for RMC and others in the office technology and document management industry, the value is not defined merely by brand impressions or product placement opportunities.

Sometimes it’s about something bigger and much more important.

“Being able to provide a unique experience for our clients and their families,” Stacy said, “and helping make connections between the sports teams and community outreach.”

Stacy added that these extensive sports sponsorship and partnership deals help the company build trust and loyalty with their clients because they’re all engaged and sharing a similar experience, something that can get lost in the haze of closing deals and keeping pace with the latest technological and economic dynamics.

“Another greater part about these sponsorships is also holding these events for our employees, letting them go these events and enjoy them as well,” Stacy said.

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is an editor and analyst at BPO Media.