Solimar Systems Unveils New Features for Administration and Security in SOLsearcher Enterprise v4.1

San Diego, California, September 27, 2023 — Solimar Systems, Inc., a premier document management and retrieval solutions provider, proudly unveils the latest release, version 4.1, of SOLsearcher™ Enterprise (SSE). This feature-packed release introduces innovative capabilities and enhanced security options to address the evolving needs of print services providers and in-plants.

SSE is a robust and highly secure electronic document delivery and ePresentment solution that empowers organizations to effectively index, store, search, and distribute large volumes of transactional and customer-facing documents as a service. Designed to complement or replace traditional print processes, SSE has an open API and easily integrates into existing web and customer portals, facilitating electronic delivery of personalized documents such as invoices and insurance policies. SSE is part of Solimar’s Chemistry™ platform and is integrated with its automated workflow, print management, data optimization, document enhancement, and job-tracking solutions.

Elevating security, performance, and maintainability, SSE v4.1 adds support for Microsoft® Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and SQL Server 2022. SSE v4.1 also requires the 64-bit version of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Furthermore, SSE v4.1 introduces three new features that bolster the platform’s granular security capabilities. First, the OpenID Connect identity provider setup now mandates a redirect URI during the authentication process for SSE Application Database Manager logins. Second, the Solimar Indexing Toolsnow support a group Managed Service Account (gMSA) as the SOLindexer™ Process Manager service identity. Lastly, a new “Report Must Exist” option restricts access to a document if an instance of the qualified report type, such as an individual mailpiece, does not exist within the document.

Additional enhancements for system administrators include:

  • A data type  (e.g., integer, real, text, date, and currency) can now be set for each distinct segment of a filename.
  • In the Accessibility tab, the SDX object tree now displays the tag type for each object, facilitating easier content management.
  • Desired reading order of tagged content can now be reordered through a simple drag-and-drop interface in SDX Designer.
  • There’s a new “Export to CSV” feature within the SDX Designer’s Evaluate Rules functionality for streamlining secondary data analysis workflows.
  • The Qualification tab now includes the PAGEOF function, enabling users to retrieve the last page where a qualifier was matched.
  • Users can initiate and terminate a System Group in the Command-line executable program, facilitating script-driven system administration.

“We are thrilled to see the benefits that SSE brings to our global customer base,” states Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar’s Chief Experience Officer, “Version 4.1 underscores the relevance of SSE in an increasingly paperless CCM marketplace. SSE, combined with SOLitrack, enables piece level tracking, online proof and approval of jobs, and suppression of individual items within a job —  truly essential capabilities for many print centers.”

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