Sharp to Launch Light Production Presses with Fiery FS600 Pro Software

Fremont, California. October 3, 2023 – Fiery, LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) released two new Fiery® DFEs to drive Sharp’s latest light production printers, Sharp Color Pro Series BP-90C70/BP90C80. Featuring new hardware and the latest Fiery platform, Fiery® FS600 Pro, these are the smartest and most user-friendly DFEs allowing central reprographics departments, in-plants, and workplaces to intelligently automate job preparation, ensure accurate colors and plan daily production schedules to guarantee print operations run smoothly and at maximum capacity. 

“We are excited to be one of the first manufacturers offering Fiery’s most innovative DFE based on FS600 Pro and customized to drive maximum productivity for our new flagship multifunctional presses, the Sharp Color Pro Series BP-90C70/BP90C80,” said Shane Coffey, Vice President of Product Management, at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “With these two new Fiery DFEs, our customers can select the right fit for their workflow requirements and business needs.” 

Sharp Color Pro Series BP-90C70/BP90C80 customers have a choice of Fiery DFEs. The Fiery BP-PE11 is a scalable solution for in-plant facilities and quick printers, featuring easy-to-use job management tools to automate workflows and produce outstanding image quality. Designed for demanding, high-performance, light production environments, the Fiery BP-PE10 is ideal for print providers needing a fast return on their investment by maximizing productivity and press performance.  

Key features of the Fiery BP-PE11 and Fiery BP-PE10 include: 

Intelligent prepress for error-free job setupSave valuable production time using advanced prepress features that reduce job setup time and catch problems before jobs go to print. Fiery Preflight automates basic preflight checks identifying problems such as missing spot colors or low-resolution images. With an integrated Adobe PDF Print Engine 6.0 workflow, print providers can offer consistency and flexibility of the printed output from design to print. Fiery JobExpert intelligent automation analyzes each job and sets the right print and color settings every time to achieve the highest quality while optimizing processing time. Fiery DFEs include all these features in a single offering to help Sharp customers save time, reduce waste, and eliminate the need for an expert prepress operator on staff around the clock.  

Built-in print scheduling. The new Fiery Print Scheduler provides effortless job scheduling and planning, allowing operators to slot jobs into a dynamic 24-hour window to best align with equipment availability and customer deadlines. 

One unified job management solution: Unify print management with the latest version of Fiery Command WorkStation™, a centralized job management tool to automate job preparation across all Fiery driven cutsheet, large format, or high-speed inkjet printers for improved efficiency and throughput. For added convenience and control, the Fiery Command WorkStation job management interface integrates directly with the Sharp Color Pro Series BP-90C70/BP90C80 print engine color panel.  

Produce accurate and consistent color: Produce presentations, reports, and other office documents with accurate brand color in just a few clicks. Users can quickly calibrate and profile Sharp BP-90C70 and Sharp BP-90C80 printers directly from Fiery Command WorkStation to ensure optimal color performance. For workplace environments, both Fiery servers come with Fiery TrueBrand for printing accurate brand colors from Microsoft Office applications, mapping RGB values to named spot colors, such as PANTONE colors. 

Integrated business analytics: Make data-driven decisions about print operations using Fiery IQ analytics. Available with all Fiery DFEs, real-time dashboards and alerts provide an overview of production metrics and identify production-blocking events to help print providers improve ROI, minimize costs and maximize profits.  

“These Fiery DFEs help in-plants and print providers automate job management and accurately process jobs with less experienced staff while operating at peak performance and delivering the highest quality the first time and every time,” said John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing, Fiery. 

The Fiery Driven™ Sharp Color Pro Series BP-90C70/BP90C80 are available from Sharp and/or its authorized dealers or distributors. For more information about Fiery digital front end and digital print workflow solutions, visit 

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