SalesChain Releases the “Ultimate” Mobile Experience for Sales Reps

Waterbury, CT, February 3, 2020 — SalesChain is proud to announce the release of SalesChain Mobile v3, the “Ultimate” Mobile Experience for Sales Reps.  This tool is designed from the ground up for the Office Technology Sales Rep, with key usability principles being speed, simplicity, and functionality.  Combined with our fully tablet enabled Proposal & Order Pricing, Document Generation, and Digital Signature systems, there is no platform that is more powerful or tailored to the needs of the Office Technology Sales Rep.

“Mobility is key to the successful empowerment of the digital workforce.  Our users are demanding an ever-growing volume of data and functionality, data that is in a simple format that is not simply data, but meaningful and actionable data,” says Tim Szczygiel, President of SalesChain.  “This new Mobile Experience is a tool that empowers the Sales Rep to take action.”

Here are a few examples of what Sales Reps can do:

  • Fast and easy account searches for prospects and customers. Advanced searching for Lease Expirations, Competitor Equipment placements, and more.
  • View comprehensive eAutomate data for customers including usage volume charts, service contract details, service history and more.
  • Talk-to-text note taking.
  • View charts like “My Top 5 Prospects”, “Top 20 Untouched Customers”, “Revenue Achievement”, “Sales Pipeline by Status”, and more.
  • Dynamic Google maps that show all prospects and customers near your location, or near an account that you are scheduled to meet.
  • Conceptualize pricing and solutions by looking up manufacturer products and accessories within the product catalog, without having to create a proposal.
  • View and create competitor equipment profiles using a quick search of SalesChain Master Catalog.

“Unlike our competitors who repackage off the shelf CRM software, SalesChain builds custom solutions for Office Technology users, with unmatched bi-directional integration to eAutomate.  Our Customer Support Desk gives SalesChain unparalleled, direct access to thousands of Sales Reps across North America, who tell us in unwavering terms, what they need, want, and expect.  The new “Ultimate” Mobile Experience is a direct result of their insight,“ says Szczygiel.

The new SalesChain Mobile Experience is immediately available for all existing SalesChain users.  Simply go to and log in with your normal credentials.

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