Ricoh Launches Service Advantage

MALVERN, PA, May 8, 2017 – Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced a substantial addition to its Services suite, RICOH Service Advantage, which offers businesses access to Ricoh’s global network of highly skilled and certified services employees. This new program empowers businesses to work smarter by capitalizing on business growth opportunities, driving new revenues and profits, and delivering consistent customer experiences by providing these highly qualified resources as an extension of customers’ operations teams. It helps businesses bridge the gaps in device lifecycle management with “cradle-to-cradle” services related to distribution, installation, maintenance, training, and physical asset retirement.  

Service Advantage encompasses Ricoh’s core strengths including its seasoned service professionals, proven services portfolio and training programs to help businesses accelerate growth in currently served markets, as well as new ones. Whether a business needs help scaling up to improve customer experiences, growing its top line to the next level or gaining expert assistance in managing IoT device lifecycles through market expansion, Ricoh is well suited to help. Its service professionals, with proven experience in service and manufacturing, account for nearly one fourth of Ricoh’s global presence in 190 countries and territories.  

“Service Advantage leverages our capabilities to enable a significant competitive advantage for our customers around the world,” said Glen Mandernacht, Senior Vice President, Service Advantage, Ricoh USA, Inc. “Creating and executing superior, repeatable service strategies is a part of our foundation at Ricoh. Service Advantage is a formalized outgrowth of that corporate philosophy and is already delivering measurable business outcomes to our valued customers. Our mission is simple: we are here to help businesses accelerate their core strengths.”  

Service Advantage provides a stable, scalable and flexible service support infrastructure for companies of all sizes and stages of growth, enabling companies to focus on innovation while Ricoh manages the execution of the customer experience in the field. As an example, Starship Technologies, a robotics and last-mile delivery organization founded in Estonia by Skype’s two co-creators, is among the new organizations to leverage Ricoh Service Advantage expertise to help their business grow into new markets.  

The Service Advantage program can accelerate a company’s business growth by expanding existing service offerings, opening up new markets, and providing support at multiple points on the value chain. New markets bring with them new regulations to navigate, new service and support organizations to build or expand, and new distribution models. Ricoh can provide the infrastructure supporting a customer’s move into new markets or expansion in existing markets as seen with Apex Supply Chain Technologies.  

“Our intelligent locker solutions are well established and growing,” said Kent Savage, CEO, Apex Supply Chain Technologies. “By partnering with Ricoh, we gained the additional services and support channels needed, helping to further expand throughout global markets.”  

No matter the size of the organization, Ricoh’s service expertise enables companies to better serve existing and new customer bases. Ricoh’s global presence helps ensure a consistently high level of customer service both in currently served markets as well as new ones. Ametek can attest to this commitment.  

“Our customers rely on our products, and we are committed to delivering them in the highest quality,” said Dave Perrotta, Business Manager ESP, AMETEK, Inc. “However, no matter how much work you put into your product, users are still going to need technical support to help make sure they get the most out them. That’s why we wanted our users to have the absolute best tech support possible, and for that, we turned to Ricoh. Now, response times have decreased significantly – urgent call response time has been halved – and our customers are getting the results they want faster and easier than ever.”  

Another example of this commitment is when the global safety science organization UL (Underwriters Laboratories) wanted to expand its Additive Manufacturing training certification program, it turned to Ricoh. By working together, Ricoh and UL were able to bring UL’s messaging and training to a much broader audience, helping further grow UL’s brand footprint as well as understanding of the relatively new additive manufacturing industry.  

Ricoh’s Service Advantage program and its global presence helps ensure a consistent customer experience, thus improving customer service. For more information on Ricoh’s offerings, please visit here. Follow Ricoh on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest insights on Service Advantage and more.   

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