Ricoh Gives Companies Broad New Power to Optimize Performance of Large MFP Fleets

MALVERN, Pa., Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Ricoh Americas Corporation today unveiled new solutions to help companies improve their business performance by cost-effectively managing large fleets of printers, copiers and multifunction products (MFPs). 

Adding to an already robust portfolio of solutions currently available through Ricoh and its market-leading partners, RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise address unique customer pain points by optimizing the performance of large device fleet deployments. These new solutions help customers achieve information mobility – the ability to access the right information when and where it is needed – to make critical business decisions.

RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise automate the tracking, performance analysis and configuration of fleets across multiple offices and geographies while also supporting environmental sustainability initiatives by reporting on items such as paper and power consumption.

These two new, comprehensive fleet management solutions combine multifaceted management of Ricoh and non-Ricoh devices in a single software footprint. Continuous uptime and optimized performance of these information platforms is critical in achieving information mobility in the new world of work.

"It's tremendously challenging to manage large numbers of MFPs across a company or continents," said Matt Sakauchi, Vice President, Product Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "Now our customers can have clear, deep and detailed control of their fleets, regardless of size, location or device brand. From a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, they can easily gauge their return on investment and allocate resources more strategically. This is one more way Ricoh is making information work for our clients."

Cost reduction, labor savings and user empowerment

RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise are entirely new software solutions coded from the ground up to integrate with the features and capabilities of Ricoh's next-generation MFP platform and its advanced capabilities, such as DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) and Ricoh HDD encryption. Additionally, the solutions probe deeper into non-Ricoh devices, including USB-connected printers found within the customer's enterprise. By surfacing real-time device data and automating batch configuration for Ricoh devices, the solutions help companies lower their device costs, reduce their IT effort, and empower their users.

RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise provide real-time device data and automated alerts to administrators to help optimize their fleets, reduce downtime and enhance user experience. Not only do these solutions enable the configuration and cloning of devices, an audit function helps ensure devices are configured to company standards.

In a significant advance in Ricoh's device management capabilities, the solutions include a new Web-based interface that simultaneously exposes both broad and highly specific device performance information in a single dashboard view, minimizing the need to drill down and back up through multiple levels of information. The dashboard leverages the ability of a company's intranet to mobilize information from print capable devices to the RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise server.

The solutions include a new ability to clone the settings of an ideally configured device and automatically replicate that configuration among selected other MFPs. Improved graphical floor map capability now enable administrators to position devices onto floor maps by simply dragging and dropping MFPs into predefined groups.

Extending device management to partners

Customers who wish to hand off fleet management to Ricoh as part of a Managed Document Services initiative can use the new @Remote Connector NX application. The solution works with RICOH Device Manager NX Pro and RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise to enable in-depth device performance analysis, produce green reports (e.g., paper and energy consumption), automate the meter reading process, as well as alert the service provider of any service and supply needs. The solution also enables secure and remote updating of MFP firmware.

To further streamline fleet management, organizations can empower employees to quickly connect to new printers and MFPs without IT help through the use of the new RICOH Printer Driver Packager NX and Advanced Driver Distribution applications. Administrators can quickly and economically configure the printer drivers these employees use, adding user-friendly icons, modifying values, locking settings and enforcing economical duplex printing, for example. The solution also helps eliminate the need for expensive print servers.

RICOH Device Manager NX Pro supports up to 5,000 devices. RICOH Device Manager NX Enterprise offers virtually unlimited scalability. For further mobility, a RICOH Device Manager NX smartphone/tablet app is available for iOS and Android.

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