Ricoh and Toshiba Launch ETRIA Joint Venture

YOKOHAMA July 1, 2024 – ETRIA CO., LTD. (President and CEO: Katsunori Nakata, ETRIA) launched today, July 1, 2024.

A joint venture between Ricoh and Toshiba Tec, ETRIA integrates the two companies’ businesses related to developing and producing MFPs and printers for office use and their peripheral equipment and related consumables. The name ETRIA is a word coined by combining “Eternal,” “TRy,” “Innovation,” and “Alliance,” meaning the company’s commitment to mobilize technological capabilities and continue to challenge innovation. Recognizing that being close to customers is the driving force behind value creation, the tagline “Your Digital device partner” was chosen to evoke a sense of affinity.

ETRIA aims to strengthen its manufacturing structure by establishing a stable supply chain for highly competitive products through the standardization of core parts of MFPs and printers, joint purchasing of parts and materials, and mutual utilization of production sites. MFPs and printers are not just for printing and copying paper; they also handle the input and output of converting analog and digital data related to business operations. These devices are essential for providing solutions to solve various business issues for customers and enhance their operations. Leveraging the manufacturing technologies and expertise that Ricoh and Toshiba Tec have cultivated over the years, ETRIA strives to offer more competitive and high-value-added MFPs and printers and jointly plan and develop new devices to support customers’ digital transformation.

Furthermore, ETRIA will accelerate its efforts to meet the growing demands of recent years, such as the need for increasingly sophisticated product security, to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance of products, and adherence to the principles of a circular economy. This will be achieved by combining the efforts of Ricoh and Toshiba Tec. As a leading manufacturing company, ETRIA is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through its business activities.

ETRIA will supply high-value-added and competitive devices to Ricoh and Toshiba Tec. Both companies will maintain their respective product brands and sales channels while leveraging their respective strengths to offer customers the best products and solutions.