Quantum Business Solutions Joins The Consortium by Stramaglio Consulting

Quantum Business Solutions, a trailblazer in empowering business executives and owners to modernize RevGen, is excited to announce its recent membership in The Consortium, an elite network initiated by Stramaglio Consulting LLC. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Quantum Business Solutions, aligning with the best the technology services industry offers in talent, innovation, and networking opportunities.

A Hub for Networking and Growth: The Consortium membership opens doors to exclusive events such as the Executive Connection Summit (ECS), fostering an environment for sharing ideas and forging impactful connections. This partnership amplifies Quantum’s commitment to providing top-tier services and solutions in the technology sector.

Revolutionizing Sales Performance: Specializing in creating robust “Sales Machines,” QuantumBusiness Solutions addresses the common challenges of inconsistent and uncontrollable salesresults that many organizations face. Through their innovative approach, Quantum has successfully served numerous industry clients, delivering measurable improvements in sales and efficiency.

Leadership with a Vision: At the helm of Quantum Business Solutions is CEO Shawn Peterson, aseasoned executive with a decade of experience in the technology services industry. Peterson’sleadership is characterized by his visionary approach, focusing on high growth andperformance through strategic sales, marketing, and client experience initiatives powered bybest-in-class automation and AI tools.

A Future of Collaborative Success: Quantum Business Solutions looks forward to leveragingThe Consortium’s network to further its mission of modernizing RevGen to create opportunity. This membership signifies a new era of growth and innovation, not just for Quantum but for the technology services industry as a whole.