Wolverine Meets Tiger: Q&A With West McDonald, VP Business Development, Tigerpaw Software

This morning, Tigerpaw Software announced that industry expert (and dare we say, legend) West McDonald, the imaging channel’s own Wolverine, would join Team Tigerpaw as its Vice President of Business Development. We caught up with McDonald for his 2 cents on the exciting announcement.

TIC: How did this come about?

WM: For those that have followed my blogs in the past, it is crystal clear that I’ve been really focused on business convergence in the last few years.  When I became a free agent I really wanted to make sure that my next move allowed me to help office equipment dealers to really take advantage of the opportunities that convergence presents.  I didn’t want to leave the office equipment and MPS world, but I also didn’t want to just continue doing the same ole same ole. Team Tigerpaw was a no-brainer. The work they did in the last few years to accommodate the specific needs of the office equipment dealer while having a deep pedigree in the IT services world, this approach had my name all over it.

TIC: You’ve been in the MPS game since the beginning. Tigerpaw has been around for a while but is relatively new to MPS, and is really just starting to make big strides. Seems like great timing. What are you going to bring to the table?

WM: I’m going to do my best to help Team Tigerpaw dig deeper than ever into the very specific needs of the imaging channel.  You’re right, I’ve been in the MPS game since forever, and I’m going to use that knowledge to help my new team to deliver the best business management solutions for all involved.  Some of that effort will be for traditional CPP, some of that will be for bolder models like billing by the seat for print, and some will be for helping them to adopt new business lines like security, VoIP, and managed IT, etc.  You said that Tigerpaw is starting to make big strides and I’ll be enthusiastically doing my part to raise the conversation and drive real opportunity-change for dealers looking to grow their businesses.

TIC: You’ve been a big proponent of SBB and the convergence of managed print/managed IT. Does the message change at all when you’re in this new position?

WM: The message doesn’t really change, it just gets louder.  Tigerpaw is the missing link to help dealers make the transition to becoming something more. Billing for print and copy by the seat, and other flat-rate options, are great ways for dealers to bridge the divide, and Tigerpaw One already has the feature sets to do that better than anybody.  Still want to offer CPP? Team TIgerpaw has spent the last few years making sure we excel there too.  Dealers deserve options.

TIC: What excites you most about this new opportunity?

WM: When I first started my career in the imaging channel, MPS was a new concept.  Many said it would never take root.  Many said it was a pipe dream.  Fast forward to today,  MPS became a revolution in our channel.  The same thing is happening again with business convergence and I’m really excited to be part of a team that is driving the opportunities for dealers willing and able to make the transition.  Growth is fun!

TIC: Cage match: Wolverine vs. tiger. Which wins?

WM: Let me rephrase your question: What happens when a Wolverine and a Tiger team up?  It’s going to be epic!

is editorial director of BPO Media’s publications Workflow and The Imaging Channel, and senior analyst for BPO Research. As a professional writer and editor, she has specialized in the office technology industry for the last 20 years. Prior to that she worked in public relations and has a master's degree in communication arts.