Proprint Services Trims Time with its Fujifilm Inca OnsetX3 HS Flatbed Printer

Hanover Park, Ill., October 12, 2021 – Proprint Services (Proprint), a leading digital printer in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, is saving its customers both time and money with its latest install, the Fujifilm Inca OnsetX3 HS Flatbed Printer (OnsetX3 HS), complete with a semi-automated robotic handling system. Proprint specializes in retail, non-permanent point-of-sale, in-store signage, and in-store non-permanent displays, as well as packaging, including folding carton (food), specialty in-store, and e-commerce. Proprint also purchased a Kongsberg C Series digital cutting system with full automation to improve their print finishing capacity as a complement to their new OnsetX3 HS.

For Proprint, the decision to invest in the OnsetX3 HS was an easy one, when considering the significant effect it could have on the bottom line to keep work in-house that was previously sent out, including long run jobs which made more economical sense to run as large format litho. “By watching how the industry was changing, it was a simple decision to put in the OnsetX3 flatbed to see what kind of volumes we could keep in-house,” said Richard Krakower, CEO of Proprint.

“Because of the on-time service that we now can provide to customers through the technology we have invested in, we have won about 10% more work from new and existing clients.”

With the installation of the OnsetX3, Proprint immediately saw increases in productivity and efficiency for their retail clients. For example, with the automated robotic handling system on the OnsetX3 HS paired with the fully-automated Kongsberg digital cutting system, Proprint has been able to cut run time per sheet by 67%, and passing on that time savings to its customers.

“We’ve made this investment in the OnsetX3 HS flatbed printer to continue to grow our capacity potential and uphold our ability to exceed our clients’ needs,” said Krakower. “Our new ultra-productive OnsetX3 HS printer and Kongsberg C Series digital cutter are the next step of evolution for Proprint as a complete print service provider.”

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