PrintFleet and Photizo Group Working on Predictive Analytics

Ontario, Canada– PrintFleet Inc., a global leader in managed print software (MPS) and data-driven solutions, announced today that they have joined with Photizo Group, a boutique group of imaging experts delivering market intelligence, to create a predictive analytics process for a just-in-time (JiT) toner delivery methodology.

In this agreement, PrintFleet and Photizo Group, will combine their expertise in data collection, research, and analysis of device, industry, and external data to provide a robust JiT toner delivery methodology for the imaging industry. This predictive analytics process will greatly reduce cost and inappropriate toner shipments for all levels of the supply chain. Combined with LINK™ Supplies Fulfilment, a machine-to-machine data-driven automation of supplies delivery, these enhanced analytics will result in still less waste and greater proactive delivery of imaging supplies.

“In concert with our clients we have worked with Photizo Group, sharing data and resulting analytics for many years and look forward to creating a more robust JiT model for toner delivery for the imaging industry,” said Chris McFarlane, CEO, PrintFleet, “As a first step this will propel the imaging industry supply chain to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness. PrintFleet strives to ensure our partners can manage by fact, through this model we are taking it even further.”

“We have worked with PrintFleet for several years and look forward to bringing a co-developed JiT automated toner delivery solution to the market,” said Scott Hornbuckle, Practice Director – Predictive Analytics. “In a market where operational efficiency is key, we are excited to leverage our expertise and investment in predictive analytics to create value for our clients in a way that directly impacts their business and financial results in a positive way.”