Print Tracker Announces Expanded Reporting Capability with Brother Devices

Boise, Idaho, and Bridgewater, New Jersey USA— Print Tracker is proud to announce that Print Tracker Pro now gathers the widest array of meters on Brother imaging equipment in the imaging industry.

“Brother International Corporation provides quality printing equipment and is a business technology leader for small and mid-sized business,” said Chief Engineer and President Lance Hale.  “OEM collaboration of this nature is rare in our industry and we would like to thank the team at Brother for making this possible.  Brother technical staff and Print Tracker engineers worked together to increase our collection software’s ability to find and report on more counters than ever before.”

In addition to accurate meter collection which can be used for volume analysis calculations, Print Tracker clients can now receive device status detail from their Brother imaging machines as well.  With this detail, dealers can provide “just-in-time” supply fulfillment and schedule preventive maintenance calls before the need is imminent.

“Brother is excited that Print Tracker software now features compatibility with a wide range of our printers and all-in-ones,” said Frank Martin, Brother Senior Director of Product Development. “The ability for Print Tracker clients to monitor and manage their customers’ supply levels will help ensure a high level of service to the end users of deployed Brother devices.”

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