Print Audit Announces Insight Business Intelligence Dashboard for Managed Print

Calgary, Alberta – March 31, 2015 – Print Audit, the company that helps office equipment dealers grow their businesses, announced today that it has developed a Business Intelligence Dashboard called Insight which will be available exclusively to Print Audit Premier members. Print Audit’s bold new reporting offering will enable Premier members to help their customers make sense of their office printing like never before while opening the door to a host of new opportunities.

Print Audit’s Insight will give MPS providers the ability to combine and make sense of a wide variety of managed print data sets via a dashboard which will:

•             Marry device, document, and user information related to office document production.

•             Provide a view of Premier member’s printer and MFP footprint compared to the market at large.

•             Break down the current vertical market penetration and opportunities that exist.

"MPS is changing. There is so much data available via assessments now that it can be overwhelming for office equipment dealers," stated West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit. "Insight will make the managed print sales cycle more targeted and meaningful. It is a robust reporting engine that clarifies user, document, device, and market data to drive new sales opportunities for the changing world of managed print."

Only Premier members will gain access to Insight. They will be able to start setting up customer presentations beginning April 15, 2015. Existing and future Premier members will have access to Insight as part of the standard Premier subscription. They can learn more about this exciting new business intelligence offering by contacting their Print Audit Customer Success Manager.

To learn more about Premier, please visit