Predictive InSight Now Distributing World’s Most Reliable and Secure DCA

CALDWELL, IDAHO – December 16, 2020 – Predictive InSight,  the exclusive North American distributor of the EKM Insight, is pleased to announce the world’s first and only self-healing DCA.

The EKM Insight DCA has been a leader in the remote management field for 20 years. The most recent version adds to the already feature-rich platform by adding self-healing capabilities.

“Most remote service management platforms use a DCA installed within the end-user network environment,” said Ed McLaughlin, co-founder of Predictive Insight. “When the network is out, devices fall off the network. You lose critical data and also often need to restart the devices, this takes people, time, and money. The EKM solution resolves those problems without intervention.” “A solution is not a solution if it doesn’t solve a problem; we are passionately committed to improving the people to process ratio.  We’re very excited to bring this technology to the North American market.” Says Shawn Cashmark Co-Founder of Predictive inSight.

The self-healing functions of EKM include:

  • Detection of stalled connections (internal and external) with automatic restart of services.
  • Full integrity checking of configuration and operating parameters periodically during the day, including automatic rollback to last good backup
  • Improved DCA status response logging to allow detailed remote diagnostics of any DCA issues
  • DCA memory monitor logging, including host system memory and CPU usage statistics allowing remote diagnosis of host issues

These changes will ensure the Insight DCA remains 99.999% operational to ensure that data is processed consistently and reliably with zero packet loss.

EKM Insight DCA is now available for order through Predictive Insight.

About EKM Global 

EKM Global was established in 2000 as an industry pioneer of multi-brand MPSaaS technologies to enable the industry to deliver higher value at the lowest possible operational cost. Our aim is to always lead by applying relentless technology innovation to conventional business applications in a solid, meticulous, and practical way on behalf of our OEM manufacturer, distributor, volume reseller & service provider clients.

About Predictive InSight

Businesses rely on information to give them answers on how to improve every stage of their process. Predictive analytics uses data, algorithms, and machine learning to foresee the outcomes of these stages. By analyzing the past, businesses become empowered to make informed decisions on how to improve for the future.

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