Predictive InSight and Supplies Network Announce Partnership

ST. LOUIS, MO April 20, 2021 – Supplies Network is pleased to announce its partnership with Predictive Insight, headquartered in Caldwell, ID. This collaboration and secure platform integration enables mutual resellers to leverage two award-winning platforms including Predictive Insight’s Data Collection Application powered by EKM Global and Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT array of services and solutions for managing print environments. This value-add partnership allows resellers to deliver an improved customer experience with direct insight into printer consumables and meter status data within the Supplies Network MyPrinterManager interface supporting best-in-class auto-replenishment of consumables.

“EKM Insight is the most reliable DCA available on the planet. The exclusive self-healing DCA means that it is always available and never needs restarting. The store and forward feature, another market-exclusive, means that data is never lost,” said Ed McLaughlin, Predictive Insight Co-Founder.

Shawn Cashmark, Co-Founder of Predictive InSight, commented, “Supplies Network resellers can be assured that the most accurate data is reaching mpsSELECT’s Supplies Management System along with its patented Supply Routing Labels and Service Monitoring solutions.”

“We are excited to offer this additional integration with Predictive InSight. Many of our reseller partners have migrated to EKM Insight and this integration enables those resellers to continue to leverage the many features and benefits they have come to expect with mpsSELECT,” added Sarah Custer, VP of Services and Solutions at Supplies Network.