Phase 1 Prototypes Transforms Brand Packaging Designs with JETvarnish 3D Special Effects

MELBOURNE, FL USA (August 12th, 2019) – Phase 1 Prototypes in Dallas, Texas, is a creative workshop and packaging laboratory for brands to create and develop new product designs for maximum consumer shelf impact with advanced printing technologies.

For the last year, they’ve been adding new interactive layers of dimensional decorative special effects to their projects with an MGIJETvarnish 3D digital print enrichment press from Konica Minolta. The customized optical highlights, reflective foil motifs and surface texture accents are now helping print buyers, agencies and designers to connect with their customers in ways not possible with traditional finishing methods.

Project Peacock: Texas Style

Their dynamic work was on display recently at a “Project Peacock Print Fair” event held in Dallas to educate buyers in the marketplace about new opportunities for creative print and package designs.

Deborah Corn of the Print Media Centr created the “Project Peacock” program as a national tour vehicle and traveling roadshow to invite all members of the Printing, Finishing and Packaging supply chain and industry ecosystem to participate in a common, shared dialogue and discussion about the role of print in an omni-channel world of integrated communications, brand marketing and campaign management. This unique initiative is designed to unite Printers with Print Buyers (brands, agencies, brokers and the graphic design community) with ideas of “Printspiration for the People”.

The Competitive Advantage of Digital Finishing

Konica Minolta and MGI have co-sponsored the entire U.S. Project Peacock Tour and invited Phase 1 to contribute some souvenir samples for distribution to attendees. The result was a stellar collection of luxury folding cartons with a wide variety of different JETvarnish 3D effects, including embossed lettering, holographic images and metallic color texture patterns with foils from Crown Roll Leaf.

In less than 48 hours, Phase 1 deployed their MGI digital finishing asset to design, test and create hundreds of fully converted samples for a series of six different luxury packaging containers in consumer product categories ranging from chocolate to perfume.

A number of boxes were even personalized with names and greetings in small script fonts implemented via JETvarnish 3D embossed Variable Data Foiling (VDF) techniques to demonstrate small-batch, short-run gift, limited edition and e-commerce embellishment packaging applications.

This type of rapid prototyping and fast manufacturing highlights the benefits of a truly flexible digital print finishing infrastructure and has helped Phase 1 become a leading solutions provider for brands, agencies and designers across the United States.