New MFX Card Reader from Y Soft – Now with Plug and Play Ease

Brno, Czech Republic and Dallas, USA – October 14, 2019 – Y Soft® Corporation, today announced the latest card reader in its family of convenient authentication solutions used on multifunction devices, the YSoft USB Card Reader 3 MFX. The MFX card reader is unique because it can simultaneously read numerous RFID technologies. Partner sales to customers are now much more simplified, and partners can stock a single card reader in inventory saving on logistical costs.

Companies use ID cards (badges) to authenticate employees for access to buildings. Using the same badge for corporate assets, such as multifunction devices (MFDs), is convenient for businesses. However, there are numerous different RFID card technologies used in modern badges.

A Universal Card Reader
The MFX card reader uses a patent-pending method to simultaneously identify over one hundred different RFID card technologies in both high and low frequencies, without requiring any special configuration. With one card reader capable of reading numerous technologies, partners no longer need to worry about which technology their customer uses and can reduce their costs associated with stocking multiple part numbers. Equally important, partners do not have to spend time configuring, deploying and supporting multiple card readers. The MFX card reader simply plugs in and works.

“We have tested the new MFX card reader from Y Soft with the various card technologies we have in our internal lab. The MFX card reader was able to read every one of them, so this new reader looks very promising for us”, said Marek Krynicki, Head of Implementation Department, Konica Minolta, Poland.

Enhanced Signal Strength and Quality
With an additional patent-pending innovation, the MFX card reader inherently enhances the strength and quality of the signal the RFID badge emits. By reading a signal that is stronger and of greater quality, the card reader can read badges from a greater distance with accuracy. This means users don’t have to place their badge precisely on the reader and can still be recognized and accurately authenticated.

“With the new YSoft USB Card Reader 3 MFX, our partners can source one universal card reader that is not only the most accurate and reliable on the market but is also plug and play, reducing the time needed to deploy by their technical staff,” said Matěj Štefaník, VP Product Management, Y Soft.

Because Y Soft card readers, including the new MFX, are fully designed, tested, manufactured and supported by Y Soft, they can be offered at a low, competitive price. Partners also have the peace of mind knowing they have one source for both print management and card readers that work well together and can be supported by one vendor.

About the USB Card Reader 3 MFX 

The MFX card reader simultaneously reads RFID cards that are both high and low frequency and uses HID technology commonly used in the U.S. and Mifare technology common in Europe and supports advanced security requirements.

The MFX reader is certified for sale in the U.S. and Europe; additional certifications will be obtained matching other Y Soft card readers which are certified in over 100 countries. If needed, contactless configurations are supported through easy-to-use, programmable configuration cards.

About YSoft USB Card Readers
YSoft USB Card Readers are highly customizable. Y Soft partners can add value specific to a customer’s need. Customers can use custom data reading and transformations for enhanced security. Y Soft’s family of card readers are also open to support or integrate with 3rd party technologies, such as NFC smartphone apps, enabling the use of NFC-capable smartphones instead of ID badges.

Additionally, Y Soft uniquely uses RQA (robotic quality assurance) to test its card readers, which allows for deeper and more comprehensive testing. In Y Soft’s robotic tests against competitor card readers,  Y Soft card readers, including the new MFX model, have the lowest MTBF (mean time before failure) and are the only readers tested with a 0% error rate, placing Y Soft as a leader in USB card reader reliability. For example, an end to end robotic test of 200,000 card swipes on an MF type reader resulted in 100% card reading accuracy, taking an average of 1 second to accurate read the card. Inaccurate readings can result in unintentional ID spoofing where a card holder is able to access documents belonging to others.