MSE Increases Capacity through Lean Production Lines

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE), a global leader in Intelligently Re-Engineered remanufactured toner cartridges, announces the employment of lean production lines in order to improve output and meet growing demand at its southern California manufacturing facility.

Over the past five years, MSE’s rapid growth has created welcome challenges in materials storage and line capacities, especially as new engines are added to existing lines. 

Led by Mark Hayes, Director of Technology, MSE’s automation and manufacturing engineers have introduced lean production line models, which allows for increased capacities, more cartridges per labor hour, and greater throughput – all while making enhancements to MSE’s already rigorous QC protocols.

Says Mark Hayes: “Our first line was designed in 2012 and setup in early 2013, and we saw immediate dividends in regards to efficiencies and workmanship. Each of these work station lean lines has step-by-step instructions and critical attention checkpoints. Not only are we achieving desired results with productivity and increased capacity, we believe these increased efficiencies will drive even better reliability.”

In addition, MSE recently employed two lean lines for the 64/90/4200/4300 families, which immediately resulted in increased product availability.  Soon, MSE’s color growth will be addressed by the opening of a lean line for high-demand color families.

Founded in 1994 by Yoel Wazana, MSE is the largest toner cartridge remanufacturer with all of its production facilities based in the U.S., and a leading-edge innovator in the marketplace. MSE pioneered the process of Intelligent Re-Engineering™, which employs patented technologies, proprietary processes, and stringent testing methodologies that result in the market’s best alternative to high-cost OEM print consumables. MSE has sales and distribution in Canada, Europe (UK, Spain and the Netherlands), United Arab Emirates, South Africa, California, and Pennsylvania.