MPSA Leadership Awards Showcase Excellence Across MPS Industry

Want to know who the leaders are in the managed print services industry? The 2011 MPSA Leadership Awards would be a good place to start. Showcasing the best of the best, the annual awards recognize organizations demonstrating leadership in MPS projects. This year’s winners were announced at the 2011 Global MPS Conference in Orlando, Fla.

The annual competition is open to any company or vendor involved in MPS. Categories include corporate end users, manufacturers, components and logistical providers, and dealers. The MPSA Board of Directors reviews nominees and selects winners based on best practices, operational fit, flexibility, growth, business benefits and ROI.

Cream of the MPS crop

A look at the 2011 MPSA Leadership Award winners reveals an industry thriving on innovation and excellence.

Independent Professional Services Provider: Photizo Group spreads the word

Photizo Group founder Ed Crowley has been called the “Johnny Appleseed of MPS,” spreading the word since the beginning of the industry. Through research, conferences and consulting, the company promotes MPS thought leadership that helps clients achieve better business results. Photizo ( helps clients accurately target their efforts and identify high-growth markets.

MPS “firsts” have been hallmarks of Photizo’s contribution to the industry.

    • The Customer Adoption Model has become a standard for describing the stages a company moves through to complete an MPS engagement.
    • The Hybrid Dealer Development Model offers a framework to help resellers shift their business model from transactional product sales to a services-centric business.
    • The four-stage MPS Customer Adoption Model graphically shows the evolution of an organization implementing MPS.
    • The first annual tracking study on MPS Decision Makers covers demographics, purchase and brand metrics.
    • Photizo hosted its first MPS Conference in 2009. Since then, it has sponsored four more events in the U.S. and several internationally.
    • The Photizo Group proposed the formation of the Managed Print Services Association at the first North American MPS Conference.
    • In 2007, Photizo Group launched the MPS Insights Journal.

Software Provider

For the first time, there was a tie in the MPS software provider category for companies that manage print or print-based devices. The two winners, Pharos Systems International ( and Digital Gateway (, represent different types of software solutions and reveal the variety of technologies that serve this market.

Pharos Systems hits the numbers

Pharos Systems delivers cross-enterprise, multivendor intelligent print management inclusive of assessments, strategy design, sourcing, change management, technology deployment, vendor management and implementation services. From a presentment and reporting perspective, its Enterprise Master Dashboard shows green eco-metrics, costs and utilization rates at the e-copy, application, user and print-environment levels.

Another factor influencing selection for this award was that a group of Pharos customers and noncustomers co-founded the Intelligent Print Forum to provide access to peer learning, thought leadership, useful best practices and benchmarking data. The goal was to build a community of individuals who can support one another and bring desired change in the print industry.

From a quantitative perspective, Pharos has achieved impressive results that contributed to its award recognition. Pharos consistently helps clients reach 35 to 40 percent print reduction, TCO reduction of over 40 percent, per-employee pages per month (ppm) pushed to less than 300, duplex rates over 60 percent, color rates below 15 percent, and a device-to-employee ratio of more than 10:1. In the production environment, Pharos typically hits a TCO reduction of 20 to 35 percent, including labor, postage and paper.

On the external sourcing side, the company delivers a 25 to 30 percent TCO across the entire supply chain, from design and prepress to demand management, production, kitting, fulfillment and distribution. This includes freight, warehousing, waste and postage.

Digital Gateway: On a mission to increase dealer visibility, connectivity and automation

Digital Gateway provides dealers with solutions to sell and manage both simple and complex MPS contracts. Its strategy is to listen to its 1,100 dealers and build the software to help increase the value of their businesses and stay competitive in the evolving MPS market.

“This award means a great deal to Digital Gateway because we constantly strive to provide products and services that are in the best interest of our Managed Print services dealers,” said Jim Phillips, CEO of Digital Gateway. “In addition, we do extensive analysis to ensure our dealers’ future success.”

Digital Gateway products increase dealers’ visibility of vital data across the organization. Decision-makers get connected to the data they need when they need it. Greater automation for dealers reduces business errors and turnaround time on key business processes. The company’s award-winning offerings include automated TCO analysis, proposal generation, contract creation, billing, purchasing and fulfillment. A robust reporting for dealers allows them to monitor profitability at a device level. A factor in its success has been integration and partnerships with key MPS software providers in the industry.

MPS Provider Winner: Taking the Qualpath to quality

Qualpath, which stands for “quality pathing,” is noted for replicating an above-average result through refined, proven processes — in other words, a quality path. The company took first place in the MPS Provider (Indirect/Reseller) category due in part to its skill in providing strategic business visibility for its clients.

Clients get real-time visibility through monitoring and reporting. This has helped Qualpath’s MPS customers reduce prints, redeploy existing printers, save money from toner and parts stocking, increase available manpower hours for core job functions and reduce paper usage.

All accounts are electronically monitored, and customers have access to their systems from browser-based interfaces. From there, they can place service requests, supply orders, view their usage, examine print fleet uptime and get reports. Award-winning results include reduction in internal print-management burden, cost savings, greater worker productivity in core disciplines and smarter procurement of output devices.

MPS Provider (Direct/Manufacturer): Ricoh building a foundation in MPSA

Ricoh is no stranger to MPSA. In addition to winning an MPSA Leadership Award, Ricoh Americas Corp. is also the first hardware manufacturer to join the association as a Foundation Member. The company helps MPS clients achieve successful, profitable transformation through expert application of change-management methodology. The approach is designed to identify, measure and change costly end-user practices. By reducing total cost of IT ownership and operations, savings can be redirected to the customer’s strategic business investments.

Ricoh’s Managed Document Services helps customers achieve sustained savings, a “green” information infrastructure and more agile operations by:

    • Optimizing the fleet and leveraging existing IT investments
    • Streamlining business processes for shorter development and time-to-market
    • Facilitating change-readiness
    • Significantly improving document and data security.

Global Competency Centers serve MPS opportunities in Japan, Europe and North America. These centers of excellence extend Ricoh’s expertise globally through 30,000 services professionals and provide coverage in 180 countries. Global tools include a suite of cloud-based applications, device management, metrics and analysis.

Further displaying its MPS commitment, Ricoh plans to invest $300 million in managed document services by the end of FY13 to put in place increased sales and operational staff, global tools and infrastructure.

Independent Managed Services Provider: AUXILIO focuses on health care market

AUXILIO is the first and only health-care-exclusive, vendor-neutral MPS company in the United States. It is solutions- and service-driven without regard to equipment, hardware or software. In fact, AUXILIO does not sell a commodity of any type.

In addition, AUXILIO provides its customers with full-time, on-site resident teams including an executive leader, resident director, customer service representatives and technical service representatives. The AUXILIO resident team becomes a part of the culture of the enterprise. This unique relationship gives the team immediate, intimate knowledge about customer needs and promotes daily communication with stakeholders that is unmatched in the industry.

A number of other innovations contributed to AUXILIO’s award recognition:

    • On-site collaborative operating council at each customer’s headquarters
    • National sustainability campaign
    • Customized document management on-site training and education programs
    • Suite of device data-security protocols across all manufacturers’ equipment types and models
    • Suite of data resources and research gathered since 2004 for accountability, transparency and benchmarking.

About the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA)

As an independent, not-for-profit organization, the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) serves the emerging MPS industry through the development of standards and industry guidelines that unite the different segments of the industry. MPSA also presents the prestigious MPS Leadership Awards annually. For more information, visit

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