Managing Millennials: How to Become a Millennial Whisperer Pt. 3

Ericka Gordonsqby Ericka Gordon

There’s nothing better than having a company court you in an effort to bring you on to their team. Welcome to the land of FREE.99, price on everything: FREE!

Everyone loves free stuff, but for millennials with little to no job experience it’s like taking a kid to a candy store. A popular tactic in millennial recruitment is taking prospects out to a nice dinner at a restaurant they normally wouldn’t be able to afford. Things like sporting events, bowling and other interactive events are big hits with young people. It gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other in a more casual setting and allows millennials to get a better feel for the office culture.

Inside the company there’s the obvious office tour. This is when prospects will be taking a close look at the people sitting in the building, their potential co-workers. It’s important for them to see that there are other millennials in the office. I’ll tell you right now, none of us want to be the only young person working in your office. The makeup of your employees speaks a lot to the mindset and culture of your company, so make sure it looks appealing to the young eye.

But, like in any relationship, it has to go deeper than looks. A good way to really sell a millennial on joining your company is by letting them interview with some of your current millennial employees before they accept your offer. I know, it’s a scary thought, letting the “kids” talk all by themselves with no “adult” supervision. No managers, no directors, just the millennials. However, it’s common knowledge that people are more likely to buy into something with a referral from someone they feel they can trust, someone just like them; a fellow millennial.

A more subliminal recruitment technique is hidden in your social media platforms. LinkedIn’s 2015 Talent Trends Report showed that 62 percent of millennials visit a company’s social media sites to find out information about jobs. In my own personal experience I follow companies I’m interested in working at to get a sneak peak at their office culture and the kinds of people that work there. Tell your company’s story on social platforms. Make it authentic to your brand and millennials will gravitate to you naturally. It’s like I told you, in order to find millennials you have to go to where they are and where they are is social media.

These four tactics are bound to reel in all the millennials you need and more! Other department heads in your office will be looking to you for all the answers (please refer them here, haha!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Millennial Whisperer series. After reading all three I’d say you can officially consider yourself a Millennial Guru.

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