Managing Millennials: How to Become the Millennial Whisperer Pt. 2

Ericka Gordonsqby Ericka Gordon

Millennial managers are still dropping knowledge. Last month we talked about how to keep your millennial employees motivated. This time around we’re covering tips and tricks for the management process overall.

A great way to groom your millennial employees is to bring them to some of your meetings. Put them in positions where they have the opportunity to connect to people within and outside of the company.

“By involving millennials more in the functions of the company, we hope to create more of a community where they feel more a part of the team and their job won’t just be about the money.”

We touched on this one a little bit last month, but I’ll say it again to stress the importance. You must get to know your millennial employees. You can’t expect to successfully manage people if you don’t know certain things about their personality.

“I would advise employers to get to know millennials and understand what’s important to them and what motivates them. Every person is different but millennials are in a category all by themselves.”

Millennials are known for their short attention spans. They bounce from company to company looking for the perfect fit for them. So, give them as much freedom to do things their way as possible.

“We must remember if we don’t give them what they are searching for, they will leave.”

It’s not all about the money, but, as we all know, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Communicate to your millennials clearly that when we win, you win.

“Stress the incentive rewards portion of their compensation, when the company does well their income can increase substantially.”

Lastly, at least make it appear as if you’ve loosened the reins. Give your millennials the space to fail, but be there to help them back up if they do.         

“Give them challenges and allow them the freedom to complete their work without standing over their shoulder but let them know you’re available if they have questions or need help.”

Have you guys had enough? Of course you haven’t! That’s why I’ve setup a third and final part for the Millennial Whisperer series next month. We’ve talked a lot about what you do once you have them, but lets take a few steps back and hear how these managers recruited their millennial employees in the first place.

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