Kyocera and Economist Impact Create Era-Defining Magnetic Workplace Report

Fairfield, NJ – Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. is proud to announce its collaboration with Economist Impact to create a new global report that examines the role of work environments in driving employee retention.

The Magnetic Workplace report by Economist Impact, supported by Kyocera, comes amidst global labor shortages that have added pressure to the ever-present need to attract and retain world-class talent and drive sustainable business growth.

Business leaders are increasingly pressed to rethink aspects of their workplace, such as establishing and nurturing workforce culture, increasing opportunities for diversity, inclusion and gender equality; and being responsive to the global demand for more flexible and adaptable working options.

This new landscape calls for organizations to reimagine the traditional office space and establish magnetic workplaces that employees are actively attracted to, rather than forced to be in. Additionally, business leaders must focus on building workplaces that enhance individuals’ talents and collaborative partnerships, allowing staff to reach their full potential.

New business models and work locations are posing new questions for business leaders – The Magnetic Workplace report brings together invaluable data-driven answers.

Based on research, expert interviews, and a global survey of 250 business executives from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan, the report quantifies organizations’ confidence in their workplace’s attractiveness for employees based on three pillars: productivity and infrastructure, employee engagement, and culture.

With 88% of participants stating that they are motivated by workplaces that provide technology to learn new skills, it’s clear where businesses must focus their attention.

“The battle to attract and retain the best talent is ferocious across all industries. As the results from The Magnetic Workplace report show, technology will be closely linked to organizational success – both in terms of bottom-line numbers and employee satisfaction,” says Óscar Sánchez, President and CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc.

“The data speaks for itself: modern professionals must be provided with the technology needed to work with the same quality, productivity, and security whether they are in the office or working remotely,” added Mr. Sánchez.

70.8% of survey respondents expressed confidence that their organization would provide the technology infrastructure to facilitate greater productivity within the next five years. Similarly, most companies expected to see improvements in their efforts to update and adopt the latest technology. Beyond technology, the report also reveals the importance placed by today’s professionals on issues such as sustainability and well-being. Such issues must be top of mind for organizations seeking to retain their best talent.

“This collaboration with Economist Impact reaffirms our commitment to providing organizations with the solutions, expertise, and knowledge required to turn this period of disruption into new opportunities for real business growth,” says Mr. Sánchez. “Quality, reliable information is critical to making good decisions – I am certain that The Magnetic Workplace report will prove to be a hugely important resource for leaders as they seek to enhance their company culture, retain their best talent, and grow their business. What’s more, Kyocera is ready to equip these organizations with the tools they need to become magnetic workplaces.”

Learn more about magnetic workplaces by downloading the full report here.