Konica Minolta Unveils the First Look of AccurioJet 60000,the Next Generation B2 Inkjet Press

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) unveiled the appearance image of the next generation B2 inkjet press AccurioJet 60000 which is the top-of-the-line model to be showcased for the first time at drupa 2024, the world’s largest printing and media industry exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 28 to June 7.

[AccurioJet 60000 Basic Specifications]

  • HS-UV Inkjet Ink by Dot Freeze Technology*
  • Output speed: Single-sided 6,000sph/Double-sided 3,000sph
  • Usable media size: 585×750 mm
  • Highly reliable device-management techniques, such as original color management, image-quality inspection systems, and print-quality monitoring of inkjet heads, realize labor-saving and highly stable print image

*Dot Freeze Technology is an unique technique that reproduces high-quality printing with excellent gradation and print gloss, and realizes inkjet printing with offset printing quality on the pure print media surface. We realize two conflicting functions at the same time without using pre-coated materials. One is high-speed inkjet ink injection, and another is phase-change imaging, in which ink becomes gelled at the same time as ink hits the media, fixing the dot to suppress color seepage and mixing.

Konica Minolta will exhibit at drupa 2024 under the main message of “See the Potential in the Future of Print” and propose solutions that support the sustainable growth and business expansion of printing companies through digital printing. At this exhibition, all systems are introduced with three key elements. First, we will promote automation and labor saving to maximize throughput. Reducing preparation and setup time for printing increases productivity and reduces operator stress. Next, we will thoroughly implement professional quality. Our print quality without compromise is the most important value for printing companies and enhances customer satisfaction and confidence in printing companies. In addition, we provide a collaborative support function to promote professional printing operations. Quality-stabilization control and facility-condition visualization help operators, including non-skilled workers, work comfortably and deliver high-performance.