Konica Minolta to Establish a Joint Venture Company with a Japanese Subsidiary of FPT Software for MFP Software Development

Tokyo (January 22, 2024) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it will establish a joint venture company with FPT Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. (FPT) on April 1, 2024 to optimize the software development process for MFPs. FPT is a Japanese subsidiary of FPT Software, the largest IT company in Vietnam.

The recent DX trend has caused rapid changes in work environments, work processes and workstyles. Against this backdrop, MFPs, as a document-handling IoT device, are now being used for a greater variety of purposes by customers, making it necessary to continue to upgrade and support the functionality of MFPs installed at customers’ sites for a longer time.

By establishing a joint venture company with FPT, Konica Minolta aims to optimize its software development process so that the Company can respond to varying customer needs in the global market more quickly, and continue to deliver solutions to issues at work. Konica Minolta also hopes to maintain and improve its ability to offer value to customers while increasing the efficiency of development investment, with a view to strengthening the profit base of the Office Business, which is positioned as a “profit-maintaining business” in the Medium-term Business Plan, and ensuring stable profitability.

Purposes of the Joint Venture Company

To strengthen the profit base of the Office Business of Konica Minolta and ensure stable cash flow by increasing the efficiency of development investment as part of the Medium-term Business Plan with the goal of becoming a highly profitable company

To reinforce the partnership with FPT Software Group, a globally active corporate group boasting a large pool of IT professionals and cutting-edge technologies, to respond to varying customer needs quickly and appropriately

To continue to retain talent and keep proprietary technologies up-to-date by re-building and optimizing the MFP development base for after-sales upgrading and maintenance of MFPs

To expand the scope of development from MFP control software to a wider range of office solutions and peripheral products by taking advantage of the technologies that will be accumulated by the joint venture company, including the synergies created by the partnership with FPT

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