Konica Minolta Installs JETvarnish 3D Evolution Press at Seidl’s Bindery Inc.

Ramsey, NJ — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) a leader in industrial and commercial printing and packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the installation of its JETvarnish 3D Evolution Press at Seidl’s Bindery Inc. (Seidl’s). Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl’s is an award-winning trade bindery shop that provides truly integrated, creative solutions for high-end embellished print. With a rich history of innovation, embracing specialty inks, finishes and enhancements, the company continually looks to lead the way with embellished print.

Seidl’s purchased Konica Minolta’s JETvarnish 3D 52L embellishment press in 2018, and after five years deemed it a natural step to upgrade to the JETvarnish 3D Evolution. With a much more robust platform, 29” X 47” sheet size and 800 GSM stock compatibility, the new press will have a transformational impact on Seidl’s business, empowering it to competitively deliver short-run, high quality, embellished print. The upgrade will position the company to be the top bindery shop for digital embellishment in United States.

“Adding the JETvarnish 3D Evolution will increase the value we provide our customers and provide new opportunities to expand our business,” said Matt Seidl, Vice President, Seidl’s Bindery. “The press is one of the world’s most productive B2 digital embellishment solutions, complementing our existing line-up of digital presses and supporting our mission to provide customers with beautiful print and packaging.”

A true influencer in digital embellishment, with access to all kinds of technology, Seidl’s continues to rely on Konica Minolta for its decorative print needs. The company has been recognized multiple times as a FSEA Gold Leaf award winner, always with some of the top work produced in North America on Konica Minolta equipment.

“Our industrial print group is committed to offering the best technology with our digital embellishment solutions. Our customers look to our solutions and services in order to produce the best overall design and quality,” said Bill Troxil, President, Industrial Print and Production Print Business, Konica Minolta. “We work with clients to keep them on an upgrade path to continually develop their businesses, and as a result they are seeing enhanced growth and competitive capability opportunities.”

Konica Minolta Digital Embellishment Solutions help customers ‘See the Potential in Print.’ The company’s unique product lineup features digital spot UV coating, 3D embossing and hot foil stamping, creating sensory dimensional effects that cannot be replicated by traditional print processes. Konica Minolta’s solutions help take businesses to the next dimension and gain new customers while increasing profits with visually stunning and tactile printed pieces. Learn more online.

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