JFK Health Treats Printing Security, Costs and Usage with Nuance Solutions

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 21, 2017 – Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced JFK Health has deployed Nuance solutions to increase printing security and reduce printing costs. Nuance solutions helped JFK Health, a healthcare network based in Edison, N.J., to achieve printing process improvements, cost containment and flexibility to provide secure printing options to staffers. 

JFK Health has a comprehensive print management solution, which includes Nuance Equitrac, Nuance Output Manager and Nuance mobile printing with PrinterOn, to provide a rules engine to manage and monitor printing, and maintain secure printing. These solutions enabled JFK Health to eliminate about 50 devices from its printing fleet of 500. They also help drive down print volumes and identify when print volumes are spiking to trigger re-routing of jobs to the JFK Health print shop, saving money.

“Healthcare networks, like JFK Health, must grapple with two seemingly opposite goals: reduce costs while increasing security,” said Miroslav Belote, Director of IT for Infrastructure and Corporate Information Security Office for JFK Health. “Nuance print management solutions allowed us to achieve both goals. We cut costs by driving out device and print process inefficiencies, and implemented a more secure approach to printing patient information.” 

JFK Health deployed Equitrac primarily for its reporting capabilities. Equitrac software enables JFK Health to track who has printed documents and what they printed to maintain accountability in print workflows to better control costs and security. JFK Health uses two Equitrac modules, Equitrac I-Queue and Equitrac Follow-You Printing, to optimize printing. I-Queue provides JFK Health with a single print queue for every user and printer so individuals can pick up their jobs at any multifunction printer (MFP) using Equitrac Follow-You Printing. I-Queue detects a user’s location and validates the native print driver is ready to process the job correctly. 

Follow-You Printing holds documents in a queue until JFK Health staffers securely release them at the MFP using identification cards. The module allows users to redirect print jobs and choose the best printer for a job based on cost. It also allows unwanted print jobs to be deleted from the queue, eliminating unneeded printing.

Output Manager implements and enforces print rules for JFK Health, prohibiting printing of restricted documents while providing an audit trail and chain of custody for documents. For example, JFK Health has MFPs in open spaces of public areas of its facilities. Output Manager enabled the healthcare network to create rules that disable print functions based on time of day. This eliminates patient information being exposed while sitting in print trays.  

JFK Health uses Nuance Mobile Printing with PrinterOn to allow staffers to print from mobile devices, making printing more convenient while requiring secure credentials to track printing.

“Our return on investment was achieved by the reduction of print devices throughout our organization. While we haven’t gone entirely digital, the hope is to be paper-light, not paperless, and Nuance products are moving us closer to that goal,” said Belote.

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