Innovolt Appoints Phil Boatman as President and Ed McLaughlin as Vice-Chairman

Atlanta, Georgia — September 1, 2016 — Innovolt, Inc., the technology leader in comprehensive power protection and analytics, is pleased to announce the appointments of Phil Boatman as President and Ed McLaughlin as Vice-Chairman of the Company.

At Innovolt, Boatman and McLaughlin will apply their extensive sales and leadership experience and industry knowledge to build on Innovolt’s proven technology, data and customer service leadership, both within the Office Equipment industry as well as the company’s emerging industry applications.

Boatman is an office equipment industry veteran with more than two decades of executive operational and sales experience. Prior to joining Innovolt, he worked at Lexmark International for over twelve years in various sales and marketing leadership positions, most recently leading the programs that established Lexmark as a well- respected player with manufacturers as well as dealers. Prior to Lexmark, Boatman excelled in various sales managerial positions at Xerox. As President at Innovolt, Phil will bring that experience to strengthen the Company’s efforts to serve office equipment manufacturers and dealers, as well as customers in emerging industry applications such as financial services and self-service.

“I’ve been in the imaging and office equipment industry for over 20 years and am thrilled about joining Innovolt – an innovative, nimble market leader in the power protection space,” Boatman said. “Knowing how intensely competitive this market is, Innovolt’s solutions provide a critical component to any OEM or dealer looking to increase customer uptime and satisfaction. I look forward to bringing these benefits to a broader audience within the industry. I also know that the imaging and office equipment industry is not alone in seeking sources of proven benefit to customers. I am excited at the opportunity to serve customers in new applications as well.”

McLaughlin, previously President at Sharp Imaging and Information Company, a $1B operating company of Sharp Electronics Corporation and Chairman of the Sharp Electronics Corporation Audit Committee, has held multiple executive positions outside of Sharp, including leadership positions at Ricoh and Canon. He has previously worked with Innovolt as a strategic advisor.

“In my years in the industry, I’ve always held a skeptical view of the power protection that was in the market. Having thoroughly studied Innovolt’s technology and seeing the impressive results it’s delivered to customers, I am convinced that Innovolt’s technology is superior to that of any in the market. I look forward to helping Jun Ho and team further distinguish Innovolt and bring the substantial benefits of its technology to more players in the industry.” McLaughlin said.

“I’m delighted to welcome Phil and Ed to the Innovolt team,” said Innovolt CEO, Jun Ho Son. “Our company has experienced significant success with our new power protection and data platforms. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both Ed and Phil’s accomplishments, abilities, insightfulness and integrity, all qualities that will help Innovolt in its next wave of growth. We are excited about the addition of two such high-caliber leaders to our team.”

(Innovolt and the executive team will be at the next BTA tradeshow in Boston, MA where its new solutions and software suite will be available for demonstration.)

About Innovolt, Inc.

Innovolt’s power protection solutions combine patented sensor technology with comprehensive monitoring and analytics software to help companies safeguard and optimize the performance, productivity and usable life of the electronics that power today’s digital world. As the first company to provide complete power protection and asset management software, we solve a host of unique problems that most businesses and consumers are not aware of but are paying for through shortened electronics lifespan and decreased product reliability. Our power protection technologies and analytics capabilities help businesses increase the uptime and lower the service costs of their electronic equipment while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Our proven solutions offer incremental protection far beyond power supplies. We help customers of every size guard expensive and sensitive technology, while giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure and maximize the performance of assets across the distributed enterprise. These tools drive meaningful service call reductions that allow businesses to compete and grow without increased fixed costs. Our fleet-wide monitoring and analytics capabilities provide service managers and technicians with information to help more quickly resolve issues that happen out in the field. From our microprocessor technology to our cloud-based management software, we offer the complete solution for sophisticated electronics management.

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