Graphtec Launches LABELROBO LCX1000 Series

Yokohama, Japan — Graphtec Corporation has developed a brand new Digital Label Creation system "LABELROBO LCX1000", an upper model of the "LABELROBO LCX603" which is already in the market with the concept of "easy creation of small quantity of labels with high quality in plants or offices whenever you want", and the functions of color printing, laminating, free size cutting, and waste matrix removal.

New model “LABELROBO LCX1000” is a full-fledged digital label creation system developed with the concept of “high productivity, low cost, free design, full color, and easy creation of labels on demand, “that is built in combination of the cutting technology of Graphtec, a leading company in the cutting plotter market, high-speed vivid printing quality, capability of handling a variety of substrates, superior weather resistance, and newly developed electrophotography printing technology with competitive cost of ownership.

The " LABELROBO LCX1000" is the system consisting of two products in consideration of satisfying customer needs and productivity.  The "LABELROBO DLP1000" is a high speed and high durability electrophotography digital label printer. And the "LABELROBO DLC1000" is a digital label finisher with the functions of laminating, free size and shape cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting, and re-winding. This system configuration allows users to create a variety of labels for necessary quantity on demand, resolves the problem of label inventory and higher costs and delivery issues associated with outsourcing labels, and makes labels ready for automatic labelers, as the final process of label creation.

The LABELROBO LCX1000 enables users to easily create full color labels with any shape from blank plain labels. The "LABELROBO LCX1000" is an epoch-making product that completely satisfies the requirements especially for GHS labels, Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals that is obliged to comply with by 2015 in US and Europe.  

Main features of Digital Label Full Color Printer "LABELROBO DLP1000"

  • Newly designed, high speed, high durability, 3-WAY feeding, industrial use Electrophotographic Full Color Label Printer
  • The ”LABELROBO DLP1000” is a label printer incorporating the electrophotographic printing engine that is newly and uniquely designed for industrial use to realize high durability and capability of handling variety of substrates such as thick and matrix-removed by its flat conveyance system to prevent wrinkles and curls of the media..
  • Further, for the first time in the world, it provides 3-WAY feeding and handles pre die cut media functionalities, allowing users to select the most efficient paper feeling method in accordance with number of prints, applications, and finishing process.: 1. Roll to Roll (including Roll to Roll pre die cut media), 2. Sheet feeding of Roll to Cut and 3. Sheet. 
  • High speed output, 124mm/sec. Printing high quality labels with the maximum output resolution 600dpi×2400dpi
  • The DLP1000 performs high-speed continuous printing at 124mm/sec., supporting 6-inch wide medias suitable for label printing.  In addition, it can create high quality labels with high-resolution output of maximum 600dpi×2,400dpi.
  • Equipped with large capacity HDD and Easy control by 7-inch touch panel screen
  • The DLP1000 is equipped with a 500GB large capacity HDD as standard. Large volume printing data, such as variable data, can be stored and managed in the printer.
  • With the user-friendly 7-inch touch panel screen, users can centrally control the printing jobs stored in the HDD and can operate the system with ease.  From the touch panel screen users can also set up and operate re-printing and recovery printing.
  • A variety of specialized substrates

A series of our specialized substrates for various kinds of labels enables the label creation with water and weather resistance. High quality paper, glossy paper, semi-glossy paper, synthetic paper, PET film white, PET film clear and PET film silver are planned to be released.

Main features of Digital Label Finishing Cutter "LABELROBO DLC1000"

  • State of the Art Finishing Cutter, ALL IN ONE model for label finishing
  • The "LABELROBO DLP1000", having all the finishing process after the Roll label printing in one unit, increases productivity in printing small numbers and variety of labels on demand.  All the processes necessary for label creation such as laminating, die cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting, re-winding are now realized as a single continuous process. It can create durable labels with laminating and luxurious glossy labels.
  • Equipped with a cutting plotter with our own technology developed over the years, the DLP1000 ensures reliable finishing with high speed and high quality in cutting a wide variety of substrates in any shape and size without dies. 
  • The DLC1000 also provides slitting function as standard that allows users to complete the two rolls in one process. It is also easy to set the finished rolls on automatic labelers.

Main features of Digital Label Creation System LCX1000

  • Control DLC1000, Finishing Cutter from DLP1000 Printer

With the "LABELROBO LCX1000", printing and finishing process can be centrally controlled. Printing Job command stored in 500GB HDD can control the output of the Digital Label Finishing Cutter. Superior compatibility between the printer, capable of controlling up to 8 Digital Label Finishing Cutters via network, and the cutter enables the users to significantly improve the work efficiency. In addition, the system provides a function to prevent process errors by referencing bar code on the prints and printing data, which benefits users to lower total label production costs and improve operational efficiencies significantly.

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