GoWest.ai Enhances Client Offerings with New Board of Advisors

[Toronto, Ontario] — GoWest.ai, an innovator in AI-driven business solutions, is delighted to announce the establishment of its Board of Advisors. This team of five distinguished business leaders will play a pivotal role in enriching GoWest.ai’s services and deliverables for its clients. Their appointment underscores the company’s dedication to leveraging AI for enhanced business performance, in alignment with its core values.

Introducing the Board of Advisors:

  • Michael Cozzens, President of Cozzens Group (https://www.cozzgroup.com): “Excited to support GOwest.Ai mission to assist businesses awareness as they development AI and analytics strategies to boost productivity, deliver new business products & services, accelerate revenues, profits and valuations.”
  • Anthony Sci, President of Keypoint Intelligence (https://keypointintelligence.com): “It’s my aim to elevate the caliber of GoWest.ai’s advisory services through advanced AI, offering their clients deeper and more impactful insights.”
  • Joel Vaslow, Founder of Sparrowhawk Advisors (https://www.sparrowhawkadvisors.com): “By integrating AI into business operations, GoWest.ai will be able to offer its clients more efficient and innovative solutions. I look forward to contributing to this transformative process.”
  • Michael Ocean, CEO of SellMeThisPen (https://www.sellmethispen.ai): “My focus on developing AI tools that enhance the sales strategies customers need will enrich what GoWest.ai offers, ensuring their clients stay competitive and successful.”
  • Ian Richardson, Principal Consultant at Fox and Crow Group (https://foxcrowgroup.com): ” Business valuations and M&A strategy are going to be impacted by AI, my hope is help GoWest.ai to strengthen this posture with solid business acumen.”

The advisors were chosen for their diverse and respected expertise as well as their ability to contribute to GoWest.ai’s vision of empowering clients through AI.

” I am thrilled about the vast potential our Board of Advisors brings. Their expertise in AI and business leadership will be crucial in augmenting our service offerings, ensuring we deliver top-tier results for our clients,” said West McDonald, Founder at GoWest.ai.  “At GoWest.ai, our core values — ‘Winning with Others’, ‘Progress Through Technology’, ‘On Time For Dinner’ (signifying our commitment to reliability and integrity), ‘Unwavering Authenticity’, and ‘Leading With Joy’ — are integral to our promise of delivering enhanced services to our clients. These values inspire our pursuit of technological advancement and deep client relationships, and the board of advisors will help us to deliver better than ever.”

About GoWest.ai

GoWest.ai, a leader in AI advisory and consulting, empowers businesses globally through strategic AI integration. Their services include AI business health assessments, fractional Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer support, and AI training and mentorship. Known for its adeptness in integrating AI into business practices, GoWest.ai stands as a transformative force in the industry.

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