Fujifilm To Exhibit Innovative Complete End-to-End Solution Product Portfolio at PRINTING United Expo 2023

HANOVER PARK, ILL., October 4, 2023 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division, announced today that it will be exhibiting its comprehensive print solutions at PRINTING United Expo 2023, October 18-20 in Atlanta. For the first time in North America, Fujifilm will be showcasing four key new technologies in its market-leading REVORIA PRESS™ toner-based product line. 

“We’re especially excited to share our expanded product portfolio with our customers at the PRINTING United Expo 2023,” said Hidetoshi “Toshi” Kino, General Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division. “This year, we have chosen to exhibit all our solutions from each segment of print, showing the total solution Fujifilm provides to our customers. As you will see, the spirit of Never Stop is very strong at Fujifilm. We Never Stoplistening to our customers, addressing challenges and together, we Never Stop developing the next generation of print solutions.”

To celebrate the advancements of the REVORIA PRESS series, a sneak peek of REVORIA PRESS™ GC12500, the market’s first B2 size, cut-sheet digital press using dry toner technology, will be presented onsite at Fujifilm’s booth B2506. With the J PRESS 750HS already leading the professional, level high quality and high productivity transition from offset to digital, Fujifilm has turned its attention to making B2 size printing easy and efficient in order to develop new markets including the high-production quick printer segment. REVORIA PRESS GC12500 can print double sided on a maximum paper size of 26 x 29.5 inches, the largest in the industry. GC12500 can print six pages per sheet, in A4 or letter size and can handle a variety of paper weights, from 64 to 450 gsm. Additionally, Fujifilm has dramatically shortened a typical work line by consolidating the feeder, stacker, and control panel on one side for the press operator.

Building off the launch of the REVORIA PRESS™ PC1120, 6 color inline press and the E-1 Series Monochrome press earlier this year, Fujifilm’s North American toner-based product lineup will also now include the REVORIA PRESS™ EC1100, SC180, and APEOSPRO C810 models, all of which will be available for view onsite at Booth B2506.

  • REVORIA PRESS EC1100 and SC180 — designed to accommodate both commercial printing and quick, on-demand printing, the REVORIA PRESS EC1100 outputs approximately 100 pages per minute. Designed for smaller in-house print jobs, the REVORIA PRESS SC180 prints at approximately 80 pages per minute. These two new models are highly versatile and can handle a broad range of paper weights and various paper sizes, from standard to banner. For both models, the Air Suction Feeder design optimizes feed performance of all media, including paper carrying a lot of paper dust, pre-printed paper using powder, paper with uneven texture, and coated paper that is prone to feeding issues. Stable and high-speed feeding is achieved for various paper types, from lightweight to heavyweight, and from small sizes to long banner sheets.
  • APEOSPRO C810 is designed to produce superior, high-quality printing on a wide range of substrates, enabling users to quickly turn out jobs of any size. It can produce flyers, brochures, catalogs, and a range of other marketing collateral, including banners up to roughly four feet in length.  This printer is also ideally suited to the production of product mock-ups and other samples/prototypes. APEOSPRO C810 can accommodate a wide range of paper types, ranging from lightweight paper, cardstock, and postcards, to heavier, embossed paper and envelopes.

APEOSPRO C810 also benefits from the first high-resolution (2400 x 2400 dpi) LED printhead, which creates a high-definition print from a very thin LED beam. The exposure unit produces very little vibration because there is no drive mechanism, meaning image reproduction is incredibly stable, and the LED printhead itself consumes very low levels of energy, which translates to low operating costs. APEOSPRO C810 also benefits from the use of Fujifilm’s Super EA-Eco toner. In combination, the Super EA-Eco toner and LED printheads produce ultra-smooth gradations, and vibrant colors, and the combination of those products facilitate the reproduction of images with very fine lines and text. An additional ‘gloss’ function brings a beautiful sheen to print.

The entire REVORIA PRESS product line provides customers a wide variety of finishing options, including punch, staple, saddle staple, single fold, Z-fold half sheet/tri-fold, crease, face trim, full bleed trim, and square back.

Fujifilm’s booth at the PRINTING United Expo 2023 will also feature live production and demonstrations of the company’s popular UV inkjet wide format presses, including the Acuity Ultra R2 and Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED, and the 2023 Pinnacle award-winning J PRESS 750HS, and in collaboration with FUJIFILM DIMATIX division, live demonstration of inkjet print bar solutions.

The entire Fujifilm booth will be utilizing Fujifilm’s ColorPath SYNC™ color management technology to characterize, profile, and ensure accuracy across devices and to industry standard printing conditions.

Fujifilm’s booth B2506 will also feature dedicated product zones and application displays staffed with subject matter experts for print segments including commercial print, analog and digital packaging. In addition, for the first time, Fujifilm’s booth B2506 will feature a “Photo Zone” in partnership with Fujifilm’s Imaging Division. The “Photo Zone” will highlight Fujifilm’s legacy of photo innovation with a gallery wall printed on J Press 750HS and REVORIA PRESS PC1120 illustrating the accuracy and precision of Fujifilm’s technology and its continuing commitment to the photographer.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by our booth for a sneak peek at some future innovations Fujifilm is working on,” said Mark Friedman, vice president, Marketing, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division. “We’re very proud of the advances we’ve made in developing the latest, cutting-edge technologies that will keep driving the print industry forward.”