Which job roles print

How important or unimportant to your job is using a printer or copier — by role?

76% of all respondents said using a printer or copier was important to their job, but are there differences based upon the position a person holds in a company?

Just under 60% of those identifying themselves as owners, C-level executives or executive staff said copying and printing was important to their job. General staff saying so was 75%. But more middle management said printing and copying was important to their job than either the executives they report to or the general staff that reports to them.

Does that mean middle management is caught in old print habits? Or that owners and C-level execs, though they don’t use copiers or printers as much in their jobs, still expect paper reports from their middle management and lower teams?

For those in the channel calling on those high-level contacts, it’s probably good to understand that copying and print are topics of less importance.