Drive Enterprise Knowledge Sharing With Collaboration Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a standard for today’s business. Did you know that you can use the tools within these platforms to educate and inform sales professionals within your organization? If you are a Salesforce customer, for example, their Accelerator program helps businesses with this initiative using a tool called Chatter. This and other collaboration tools such as Slack,  Microsoft Yammer and Teams provide easy ways to collaborate.

Set up functional department groups

Using collaboration tools you can set up functional departmental groups for various purposes, such as new hire training, sales workshops and more. By setting the groups to an “internal public” or similar setting,  you can give employees the option to join, while private gives the leader of the group the ability to invite people. Once your group is set up, you can save business documents in a file for the group, making it easy for team members to find presentations, learning tools and updated information specific for that functional group.

Additionally, sales teams can benefit from groups that support major business areas of your company from the various sales divisions of products to the marketing and services departments. By creating groups that support each division, members of these groups can interact to provide specific learning materials, department updates and recognition within the communities. What business units do you work with inside your company?

Leverage your group for learning

Training divisions can use collaboration tools to brand learning programs that enable new hire onboarding by providing information, sharing ideas, recognize success and provide learning resources that are easy to find and download. By using @name of someone, you can easily tag people and functional groups while promoting your mission, value and brand within your company. You can also add hyperlinks to help make it convenient for sales professionals to plan for their own professional development and learning by giving you a place to add vendor partner links for learning on the main page.  How do you manage vendor partner portal links within your company?

Recognize success

Recently, I was driving to the airport with one of our top sales professionals after a two-day sales leadership workshop when she received an email that a proposal had been accepted, and not only had she won the deal, but the customer saw the value in her proposal and committed to a $500 monthly increase. This is the kind of achievement that can be recognized companywide by tagging @name in an internal sales group and using a hashtag like #howtosellvalue. Doing this can encourage ongoing recognition of others; within an hour of posting the recognition of her win, we had several others comment giving her wows and high fives! How cool it is to recognize successes by tagging others in real-time? By creating standard hashtags, you can continue the momentum since all the messages with the same hashtag will now be in a saved thread. What’s your recognition strategy?

Eliminate redundancy in emails

Most people will agree we have too many emails. A best practice to eliminate redundancy in emails is to message within the platform you are using to drive sales. By setting up groups based on a functional departmental structure, you can send a message directly to a functional department group or post a message to the entire company. It makes it easy to direct people where to find information and helps eliminate constantly sending email attachments.

Platforms like Chatter can quickly and organically become foundational for bringing communities together and encouraging collaboration within teams, giving employees a place to build relationships within a common group, knowledge share and more! I’m involved in a Slack group with CompTIA engaged in their Future Leaders Community Council with likeminded professionals from other companies. Regarding of the platform, if you are ready to engage in new ways to connect, reach out to your partners to help! Do you Chatter, Yammer, Slack or something else?

Sheryne Glicksman runs the National Leadership Development & Sales Training for Sharp Business Systems using her passions to educate empower and inspire our future leaders.  She has firsthand knowledge and expertise related to sales, sales processes, solutions and beyond. One of her passions is in her ability to connect people with solutions. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter