Daniel Goss Joins PaperCut as Global Head of Operations

5 September 2023, Melbourne, Australia – PaperCut Software announced today the appointment of Daniel Goss as its new Global Head of Operations. Leveraging his extensive background in SaaS and business development in the information technology sector, Goss brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as the former COO of LiveTiles and VP of Solutions at Rhipe. 

With a remarkable track record of collaboration with small and large businesses, including industry giants like Microsoft, Goss’s expertise will be pivotal in driving PaperCut Software’s operations to new heights across international markets. Goss describes his new chapter at PaperCut: “The transition from being  a Solution Integrator (SI) selecting and implementing software products to being  part of the product development and go to market process at both LiveTiles and now PaperCut is an exciting shift. I’ve witnessed the distinct challenges and opportunities in both roles, which has uniquely positioned me to contribute to PaperCut’s growth.”

As Global Head of Operations, Goss is entrusted with overseeing critical facets of PaperCut’s commercial acumen. His responsibilities include spearheading business experience initiatives, leading cross-functional teams in engineering and internal product development, managing financial and project operations, and enhancing data analytics and customer engagement strategies. Goss’s holistic approach aims to refine partner and customer experiences, ensuring seamless interactions throughout their journey with PaperCut.

Straight in the deep end 

Goss’s early tenure at PaperCut was focused on resolving security exploits that had been leveraged by hackers against a segment of their customer base. Assessing the security incident, Goss stated: “I’ve been on the front lines of information security, enhancing processes and practises to mitigate an incident. This was the first time that I had been part of exploits in the wild. PaperCut’s success and growing market share has resulted in us becoming a target, up until now we’ve managed to fly beneath the radar. Unfortunately for the industry the attack vector of print management software is growing, but from a positive perspective it forces us as a software vendor to level up our security. We must accept that now (and into the future) bad actors will try to exploit print management solutions as part of an organization’s broader attack surface.” 

Goss states that while the territory was challenging, PaperCut’s priorities were clear: “Our focus was squarely on our customers and partners,” he recounts. “We collaborated with external experts and authorities and assembled an incident response team that worked diligently to address the situation. Looking back, the incident became our life for 6 to 8 weeks. Until the number of impacted customers significantly decreased and we could move to the next stage in the incident response process.”

Solidarity with customers and channel partners

Goss reflected on the PaperCut ecosystem while navigating the security incident: “The support from our Authorized Solution Centers (ASCs) and channel partners was invaluable. Our ASCs were working around the clock. They were on the phones, contacting resellers, doing everything in their power. It was reassuring to know we had the support of the channel to amplify important messages to resellers and customers. It gave us confidence that they were standing right there with us. We had a shared focus and goal. Together we rallied to get our vulnerable customers patched.”

Goss joined the PaperCut leadership team on a tour to meet PaperCut’s USA-based ASCs, and he states how the experience built on those foundations of unity: “It was amazing to spend a few days with our ASCs, Resellers, and OEMs. I  acquired three months worth of knowledge in three days. You just can’t beat being on the ground at a conference speaking with different channel folks day after day. In a way it was the most impactful part of my induction at PaperCut.”

PaperCut Software welcomes Dan Goss to its executive leadership team, confident that his strategic insights and operational prowess will accelerate the company’s global growth trajectory. Goss’s proven ability to navigate complex landscapes, coupled with his commitment to customer and partner satisfaction, positions him as a driving force in furthering PaperCut’s mission.