CrushBank Unveils Game-Changing Closed Large Language Model For IT Support 

Syosset, New York, January 14, 2024 — CrushBank, the developer of the award-winning AI Knowledge Management system that uses trustworthy AI from IBM watsonx, proudly announces the first closed Large Language Model (LLM) with full transparency and governance for the imaging industry and beyond. This gives clients the power of AI with the security and control needed for their enterprise environments. The latest release also includes ticket description summarization, resolution summarization, ticket classification and sets the stage for future knowledge base article generation. 

CrushBank’s AI Features at a Glance: 

  • Summarization of Ticket Descriptions and Resolutions: 
    • CrushBank’s advanced AI now automatically summarizes ticket descriptions and resolutions. This empowers help desks with concise insights, expediting issue resolution and elevating client service. 
  • Ticket Classification: 
    • The AI features extend to classifying tickets, even historical ones. This ensures accurate categorization, streamlining workflows and facilitating data analysis. 
  • Knowledge Base Article Generation (future): 
    • CrushBank’s commitment to innovation goes beyond the present, laying the foundation for future knowledge base article generation. This promises users a dynamic and evolving knowledge base of support information for use internally and for sharing with clients. 

Dave Moorman, CEO of NovaTech, a valued client, attests to the impact of CrushBank’s AI features: “CrushBank gives our frontline engineers on the help desk the ability to solve customer problems faster. It helps us close say an extra ticket a day per engineer.” 

Evan Leonard, CEO of CrushBank, commenting on the company’s strong partnering foundation said: “Our collaboration with ConnectWise, ECI e-automate and eTMS solidifies our commitment to advancing technology in the imaging business. By seamlessly integrating AI with these systems, CrushBank stands at the forefront of technological progress within the industry.” He added that “By turning tickets into smart data, technicians never have to start from scratch twice. We give them the data so they can solve the client’s problem faster.” 

As businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of the imaging industry, CrushBank remains a reliable partner, empowering organizations with cutting-edge AI technologies. These innovations not 

only drive efficiency but also enhance client service, positioning CrushBank as a leader in AI for the imaging business. 

For more information about CrushBank and its revolutionary AI features, please visit: 

About CrushBank Technology Inc. 

CrushBank Technology created the award-winning AI Knowledge Management system that uses trustworthy AI from IBM WatsonX to transform IT support, enabling faster resolutions, fewer escalations, and unparalleled analytics. CrushBank creates Smart Data for your business, filling critical gaps in support information, leading to enhanced client relations and better outcomes. 

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