ConnectWise Announces ConnectWise Sidekick, the World’s First Purpose-Built AI Companion for Technology Providers 

ORLANDO, Fla. (November 9, 2023) — At the largest technology conference in the IT channel ecosystem for technology service providers (TSPs), ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of TSPs, announced a groundbreaking AI companion called ConnectWise Sidekick, unlocking a new level of efficiency and ingenuity for TSPs and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This companion is available immediately across Business Management Solutions and Unified Monitoring and Management product lines. 

Leveraging a combination of ConnectWise’s proprietary AI models and other industry-leading large language models, TSPs and their SMB clients can now harness the power of natural-language prompts to drive powerful automations and save valuable time. These tasks include generating PowerShell scripts, ticket categorization, summarization, providing possible resolutions, and automated responses to end users. It rapidly summarizes daily priorities, such as priority KPIs, and begins working on the most critical problems in order of priority, ultimately increasing overall team productivity and optimizing operations. 

“Imagine a world where manual tasks fade, and customer issues are met with seamless responses and without the need to add more resources—this is the power of ConnectWise Sidekick,” said Raghu Ram Bongula, Chief Technology Officer at ConnectWise. “We are enabling more intelligent and more innovative ways for TSPs to support and drive greater satisfaction to SMBs. ConnectWise Sidekick is the only purpose-built solution that provides value for every persona/role across the TSP.” 

In today’s highly connected environment, fast and smooth customer support experiences are paramount and can often be the difference between losing or retaining a customer. Through Microsoft Teams, the AI assistant from ConnectWise can effortlessly summarize important information and take on time-consuming and repetitive tasks, enabling TSPs to respond to partner needs quickly. 

The company is now offering ConnectWise SideKick for PSA. This powerful tool enhances business efficiency by eliminating information barriers and enabling direct review and updates of PSA records through Microsoft Teams. With AI and hyperautomation capabilities, it significantly improves service ticket resolution time by automating triage, summarization, and providing resolution suggestions, ensuring consistent delivery of exceptional customer experiences. By taking the guesswork out of triage and relieving administrative tasks, ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA empowers teams to work more efficiently and accurately. Leveraging machine learning provides TSPs with valuable insights into customer sentiment, allowing technicians to approach each case with immediate understanding and deliver amazing customer experiences. Additionally, it streamlines ticket management by summarizing issues, suggesting resolutions, categorizing tickets, and facilitating quick responses, enabling technicians to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. The Sidekick bot centralizes information access within Microsoft Teams and streamlines updates for all teams. 

“ConnectWise SideKick for PSA is what our partners have been waiting for when seeking enhanced efficiency and exceptional customer experiences,” said Jake Varghese, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Business Management Solutions at ConnectWise. “By eliminating information barriers and enabling automated updates through Microsoft Teams, this powerful tool streamlines ticket resolution and automates triage, providing resolution suggestions with AI and hyperautomation capabilities. The innovation puts teams ahead of the game by removing barriers and facilitating seamless data consumption within the organization.” 

ConnectWise SideKick represents the cutting-edge in AI technology, delivering millions of AI-powered predictions daily across our comprehensive suite of solutions. Additionally, SideKick enables the creation of personalized, AI-generated content. We are excited to announce the launch of these groundbreaking features today: 

SideKick for Sales: Revolutionizes task management by automatically generating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for users. Additionally, it offers enhanced lead qualification capabilities, empowering businesses to efficiently identify and prioritize potential leads. 

SideKick for Technicians: Streamlines service ticket management by automating triage, summarization, and resolution suggestions. This automation significantly reduces resolution time, enabling businesses to provide faster and more efficient support to their customers. By relieving businesses of administrative tasks, SideKick allows teams to redirect their focus towards their core responsibilities, ultimately enhancing productivity and overall performance. It relieves businesses of administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. 

SideKick for Service Managers: Service Mangers can effortlessly create, review, test, and execute scripts within minutes, simplifying the scripting process. To ensure teams maintain control over the process, AI-generated scripts will require approvals, providing an additional layer of oversight and security. This powerful feature empowers users to streamline their scripting tasks while maintaining full control and ensuring adherence to security protocols. 

SideKick for Marketing: Generates personalized content to effectively engage customers and prospects across multiple channels, including email, mobile, web, and advertising. This capability allows businesses to deliver tailored messages and experiences to their target audience, maximizing engagement and driving conversions. By leveraging the power of personalization, SideKick enables businesses to create meaningful connections with their customers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and revenue growth. 

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