Clover Imaging’s Partnership with PrintReleaf Brings Hope to Global Forests

Chicago, ILClover Imaging Group, a global leader in print and imaging solutions, is also fast becoming a leader in sustainable practices through its focus on recycling and reforestation. The company’s strong partnership with PrintReleaf, a certification system and platform built to help companies offset their paper usage, has resulted in the planting of upwards of 700,000 trees in forests across the globe.

Clover Imaging has been working with PrintReleaf since 2015, helping customers contribute to the health of our planet through reforestation and assisting them in magnifying their sustainability efforts. Eric Martin, President of Clover Imaging Group, is committed to continuing this tradition of bringing effortless sustainability initiatives to the marketplace. “We are excited to be a catalyst for change to help our industry and the customers we serve be better stewards of our environment.”

Through PrintReleaf, customers can select the managed forestry projects they wish to support and be assured that for every 8.333 pages printed, one tree will be planted in their chosen area of need. PrintReleaf is third-party certified, and its secure, automated platform not only provides companies with an effortless way of moving toward sustainability, but they also provide tracking and reporting data so reforestation results can be shared.

As noted by Jordan Darragh, CEO and Founder of PrintReleaf, Clover Imaging’s deep commitment to sustainability has helped push reforestation to the forefront of sustainability efforts. “PrintReleaf is proud to be partnered with Clover because they are an environmental leader in our industry and that’s clearly evident by their collective impact in planting north of 700,000 trees in partnership with their customers.”

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