Clover Imaging Surpasses the Half-Million Mark in Reforested Trees

Chicago, IL — Clover Imaging Group announced today that through their partnership with PrintReleaf™, they have succeeded in reforesting 500,734 standard trees. This robust total represents trees planted in countries ranging from the United States to Madagascar, Brazil, India, and others. Importantly, it represents an offset of 4,172,688,385 pages of printed material and a strong effort toward conserving the precious resources of our planet.

The PrintReleaf™ Exchange is an innovative software platform that allows businesses to offset their paper footprint. The team at PrintReleaf™ accomplishes this using automated standards that allow individual companies to measure their paper consumption and offset it through global reforestation. Not only does PrintReleaf™ plant one tree for every 8,333 printed pages, but they provide reforestation jobs to uplift the communities in which they operate.

Through Clover’s partnership with PrintReleaf™, Clover’s clients are eligible to take advantage of this advanced technology to improve their sustainability and make a positive global impact.

However, PrintReleaf™ is just one of the ways Clover positions itself as a leader in corporate environmental responsibility. As a printer cartridge remanufacturer, Clover is intimately familiar with the impact simple reuse can have on our resources — both renewable and static. In fact, Clover’s commitment to creating high-quality printer cartridges while conserving resources kept 42 million cartridges out of landfills in 2018. That means a total of 10 million pounds of materials were reused rather than disposed of.

And for Clover, that’s still not enough.

As part of their ongoing effort to raise industry standards, Clover has empowered creative teams across all departments to deploy innovative techniques designed to positively impact the environment as well as local communities all over the world. As Eric Martin, President of Clover Imaging Group, notes, “Reuse, however, is only one aspect of our sustainability strategy. Every team at Clover, from research and development to manufacturing and distribution, contributed to our efforts by developing new and better ways to reduce our overall footprint, minimize waste, and maximize efficiencies.”

By partnering with Clover and the industry-leading PrintReleaf™ program, businesses who rely on printing as one of their core operations are able to reduce waste and conserve precious resources while maintaining a high standard of quality. The PrintReleaf™ platform dovetails perfectly with Clover’s cutting-edge Managed Print Services to offer clients an effortless way to contribute to our global forestry system and maintain their own sustainability goals.

Moving forward, Clover will continue to grow, manage, and further develop their sustainability initiatives with an eye toward passing on as many of the benefits as possible to the customers they serve for years to come. Learn more or sign up for PrintReleaf today!

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